Rules for Afghan girls arbitrary'

28th April 2011, Comments 0 comments

Parliament supports a proposal by Immigration Minister Gerd Leers not to send Afghan girls back to their country of origin if they have become to Westernised. However, the opposition felt that the guidelines proposed by the minister are to vague and to arbitrary.

Parliament held a debate with Minister Leers on Wednesday. Parliament agreed that girls should not be sent back to Afghanistan if that were to put them under huge psychosocial pressure. Many of these girls – of which there are between 40 and 100 in the Netherlands - have adopted a Western life style after spending many years in the Netherlands,

However, some opposition MPs wondered why the same reasoning does not hold apply to boys, homosexuals or Christians, and Christian Union MP Joël Voordewind pointed to the situation of women in Somalia, but the minister said that the situation of women in other countries could not be compared to the situation they would face in Afghanistan after an extended stay in the Netherlands. Boys, Mr Leers said, faced a “completely different situation” in Afghanistan compared to girls. He argued that the cases of people who are at risk of being persecuted in their countries of origin because of their religion or sexual persuasion are always reviewed seperately.


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