Rotterdam offers Antilleans jobs in exchange for guns

28th October 2009, Comments 0 comments

Antillean youths who hand over their weapons will receive training and assistance in finding jobs, proposes Rotterdam mayor.

Rotterdam – Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb is offering to assist Antillean youths in finding jobs if they hand over their weapons, reports Dutch daily AD.

Aboutaleb is asking youngsters in the Antillean community to hand over their weapons so as to keep the high crime rate among the youths down.

In exchange, the city will invest in additional training and help the Antilleans find jobs. Many of the 20,000 Antilleans in Rotterdam have a training and language deficiency.

According to the paper, some Antillean parents give weapons to their boys so they feel safer.

Aboutaleb made a final appeal to Antillean parents to take a public stance against the violence and encourage their children to surrender their weapons.

He said these youths “must be removed from the suffocating environment of Antillean problem groups” and that handing in the weapons “is the only way to stop the gun culture where youngsters regularly shoot each other.”

However, the chief public prosecutor for Rotterdam, Henk Korvinus, said every person who hands in a weapon will immediately be charged.

Despite this, the mayor is expecting a good reaction from the Antillean community as a whole.

“The guns have got to go,” he said, “even if we have to throw them in the rubbish bin. If not, then we'll go looking for them and it will be a more intensive hunt.”

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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