Rotary helps three hundred find work

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Successful initiative by mentoring Rotarians using their network and skills to help unemployed 40-plus persons return to workplace.

31 October 2006

AMSTERDAM - JobRotary, a common project of Rotary-clubs in the Netherlands, have reached an important milestone. The organisation, which sets objectives in which unemployed 40-plussers can return to work, has recently helped the three hundredth job seeking candidate with a new job.

JobRotary chairman Wim Gerards has been delighted that his organisation can make a substantial contribution to the suppression of unemployment in the Netherlands. “From a social standpoint, Rotarians sit relatively high in the tree. They are mostly entrepreneurs, supervisory managers and professionals. They have a great deal of experience. And they frequently also have staff. But what is more important: they have a large network. We make use of it.”

Meanwhile some four hundred Rotary-members function as a counsellor or mentor for jobseekers that are over forty years and because of their age it is more difficult to socially find connections. They qualify for assistance, with out cost, if they have been unemployed for more than six months. Gerards: ‘We help them first process their dismissal from the previous job emotionally, then we examine jointly the potential of the jobseeker and afterwards will we use our networks to explore if a match can be made. Further we help them increase their self-confidence and with improving their job application skills.”

In three hundred cases this has been successfully accomplished.

“It is rewarding work to help people in this way from a social isolation and to provide a contribution to obtain the well-being of the individual concerned, but on the other hand also to contribute to the economy of our country.”

JobRotary has so far been successful with 44% of the presented candidates to effectively place them in a new function, a high percentage. Also, because of the number of Rotary-clubs and the number of mentors that are connecting with the project, the initiative grows, and JobRotary can adopt new motivated jobseekers for employment-finding. They can submit an application by means of the application form on

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