Rembrandt leads debate on art and diplomacy

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28 February 2006, AMSTERDAM — A special debate is being held on Thursday on how best to promote the continuing heritage of the arts in Amsterdam.

28 February 2006

AMSTERDAM — A special debate is being held on Thursday on how best to promote the continuing heritage of the arts in Amsterdam.

The 'Rembrandt at Kalverstraat' debate is part of the celebrations to mark the 400-year anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn and is being hosted by Waterstone's bookstore in Amsterdam.

It features several speakers, including US Consul Michele Bond, on the subject of art and diplomacy. "The focus will be on how to reinvigorate the cultural scene in Amsterdam," Sean Valerio of the said.

Also featured are Philippe Hardy, Directeur de la Maison Descartes, Ruud Nederveen, VVD Amsterdam Cultural Manager, and a representation from the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. is a company run by international artists and last year it launched the website to promote museums and attractions in both cities.

The art and diplomacy event will promote the efforts of the Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House, and Stedelijk Museum in their continuing efforts to further the arts in the Netherlands. Key to their efforts is the presentation this year of the Rembrandt 400-year anniversary.

"Amsterdam is a world-renowned city with a distinguished heritage in the arts as well as being one of the leading capitals for intellectual and cultural diversity. It is our fervent desire to re-institute Amsterdam at the forefront of the European cultural scene," Valerio said.

With an ethnically diverse population and a tradition of liberal attitudes Amsterdam is uniquely situated to fill this role, he said.

"The goal of a re-invigorated cultural scene in Amsterdam requires the support and participation of a wide range of cultural, business, and political leaders and this debate is the first step in a continuing effort to achieve this objective," Valerio said.

The challenges artists, galleries, and non-profits face in surviving and thriving in Amsterdam need our urgent attention, according to the

"To compete with other cultural capitals such as Berlin and London, Amsterdam needs to encourage and nurture its cultural producers. Without a vibrant cultural life Amsterdam risks becoming marginalised in the global marketplace as well as reducing the quality of life for residents and visitors."

2 March 2006

Rembrandt at Kalverstraat
Waterstone's Bookstore, 3th floor. Kalverstraat 152
(corner Spui), Amsterdam. Tel: 0206383821
Time: 3pm (starts at 3.15pm but doors open at 14.45pm)
Free admission/press photos allowed
For reservations (strongly recommended):
The + 31 (0) 20-6709277
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