RNW Press Review, Wednesday 4 June 2008

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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

4 June 2008

Garden parasol upsets Animal Rights Party
AD reports on the Animal Rights Party is furious about the latest thing set to become this summer's hit design accessory in gardens, restaurants and cafe terraces across the Netherlands - a garden parasol with a base in the form of a fish bowl, with real live goldfish swimming in it.

One Animal Rights Party MP fumed: "fish are not a decorative item. Fishbowls are extremely cruel to fish anyway but this is even crueller.’’

However, the MP says she doesn't seem much point in bringing the matter to the attention of the animal welfare minister as an earlier attempt by the animal rights party to pass a bill banning fishbowls failed.

Unique wind park opens
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will open a unique wind turbine park in the North Sea on Wednesday. Under the headline "wind park is a bit of Holland's glory”, AD reports on the Q7 offshore wind park, named after the area of the continental shelf in the Dutch part of the North Sea where it is located.

It is the first wind park in the world to be built so far from the coast - 10 kilometres - and in such deep-water - between 19 and 24 metres.

It is the Netherlands' second offshore wind park and together they provide green electricity for 225,000 homes or about 3.8 percent of total Dutch electricity use. According to AD, the clean, green electricity will reduce Dutch carbon dioxide emissions by 0.2 percent.

The delights and disappointments of herring
This season's first barrel of soused herring went under the hammer Tuesday, but, as AD writes, it raised a disappointing EUR 55,000.

In previous years, the first barrel has gone for as much as EUR 75,000. Disappointment aside, the barrels are quite small and contain 40 fish. Each fish cost EUR 1,375 and the money is donated to charity.

De Telegraaf's front-page photo is of a large group of people eating herring in the traditional manner - pick it up by the tail, hold it high over your head, tilt your head back and lower the delicacy into your mouth.

The people were attempting to go down into the Guinness Book of World Records by being the largest group of people eating soused herring at the same time.

The paper also reports that a cougar transport helicopter packed full with fresh herring is on the way to our troops in Afghanistan. One wonders what the locals think of our Dutch delicacy.

Football fever hits Netherlands
Football stories abound in all the papers even though the European Championship hasn't kicked off yet. "Orange team has landed" headlines De Telegraaf and several other papers print variations on the news that the Dutch national team has arrived in Switzerland.

NRC.next reports that one Dutch insurance company is offering a special vacation cancellation policy for football fans who want to cancel their holidays if the Dutch team makes it into the final.

AD interviews a spokesperson for the company who says, "the entire nation wants the team to get into the finals and this policy allows people to book a holiday secure in the knowledge that they can cancel if we make it".

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