RNW Press Review – Thursday 3 April 2008

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A roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands

Fitna demonstrators turn violent
De Volkskrant reports that demonstrations against Geert Wilders' anti-Islam film Fitna have for the first time ended in violence.

On its front page, the paper has a picture of a protester raising his fist into the air outside the Dutch consulate in the Indonesian city of Medan.

Behind him are a burning tire and several protesters looking at the broken gate from inside the consulate grounds.   

On Wednesday, around 30 protesters stormed the consulate, which did not have police protection.

They succeeded in breaking down the gate and lowering the Dutch flag, which they burned. 

Eventually, police fired warning shots to break up the protest and arrested 23 demonstrators.

De Volkskrant writes that protests against Fitna have been very limited so far, but growing attention for the film in both Indonesian media and politics may lead to large-scale demonstrations.

Lack of border police problem grows

In AD, there is a report on a serious shortage of staff at Amsterdam Schiphol airport's border police which is causing long queues at passport control.

The border police commander recently said that the service urgently needed new equipment to address the problems and avoid "incredible delays", but an internal publication shows that the real problem is that border police at Schiphol are short 180 officers.

When parliament last year sounded the alarm over the growing shortage of border police at Schiphol, the government promised the problem would be resoled in the course of 2007, but the problem has only become larger.

Schiphol airport expects that this summer's holiday season will be its busiest ever. 
Substantial rise in taxes
De Telegraaf reports that local council taxes have again risen substantially this year.

The paper writes that homeowners in the big cities will be facing 13 percent increases in sewage charges, compared to a seven percent increase nationwide.

Increases in real estate taxes will be relatively modest at 3.2 percent. 

The national Home Owners Association has reacted angrily to the tax hikes.

"Local councils call on their residents to complain to the national government instead of lodging an appeal with the council, but it is really the councils which have been raising living costs and shaking people down for years ".

Cleaners to share nurses' duties
A report in De Telegraaf  says that a hospital in the southwestern town of Schiedam will have cleaners helping out nursing staff with a number of duties, including serving tea and shaking up patient's pillows.

The director of the cleaning company says that the initiative is intended to "allow nurses to dedicate more time to their core task of providing care".

The company has developed a special training course to prepare its staff for their new duties.

"The cleaners will themselves spend some time in a hospital bed to better understand the needs and wishes of patients." 

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