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Catch the news in brief from the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

9 May 2008

Privacy is gaining grounds finally
De Volkskrant writes that "privacy is slowly recovering some ground." According to the paper, "Seven years after 9/11, doubt is beginning to creep into the minds of legislators."

A wide majority in parliament recently ordered the government to reject a proposal from Brussels intended to fight terrorism and people trafficking through long-term storage of all kinds of private data from air passengers.

Parliament ruled that there are still too many unknowns about what would happen with the data, whether they would be in safe hands, and also whether sifting through tourists' private data would lead to less attacks and less serious crime.

Deputy minister upset over allegations
Trouw reports that Deputy Welfare Minister Jet Bussemaker is upset over allegations of trying to rewrite the history of World War II.

The deputy minister recently made the news when she reportedly launched an appeal on 4 May - the day that the Dutch commemorate their war dead - for greater recognition of the role played by ethnic minorities in the liberation of the Netherlands.

One day later, Freedom Party MP Martin Bosma accused Bussemaker of trying to rewrite history because "the role of North African and Middle Eastern foreigners in the war (in the Netherlands, ed.) is negligible, but Labour is trying to blow it out of all proportion to please her Muslim voters."  

However, Trouw writes that if you watch the Muslim Broadcasting Company's programme, she made none of the alleged statements.

Bussemaker says that "It was the programme's host who emphasised the role played by individual Moroccans in the liberation of Europe, also because of the role played by his grandfather.

The programme also reiterated the fact that 19 Moroccan soldiers lie buried in the province of Zeeland.

According to the deputy minister, the point she was trying to make during the programme, was that "The war was not just about the occupation of The Netherlands or Europe. It was a world war, with the emphasis on world."

"If we want to commemorate the war dead and celebrate our liberation with the many immigrants living in the Netherlands today, we must be willing to look at this war from a global perspective."

Hospitals and clinics furious at Consumentenbond’s report
The AD has a report on more than 20 hospitals and clinics outraged over accusations about risky operations allegedly carried out by inexperienced surgeons.

In a report published on Thursday, the country's largest consumers' organisation Consumentenbond put more than 20 hospitals and clinics on a blacklist of health facilities.

The organisation claims that these hospitals and clinics carry out complex operations that would put their patients’ lives at risk. The operations in question include surgery on the oesophagus and the abdominal artery.

A number of the hospitals involved say they have stopped carrying out these operations since 2007.

The Dutch health authorities say that at most five hospitals are not meeting the required number of annual operations, and that these hospitals have under observation since last year.

The Dutch Hospitals Association has announced it will take legal steps unless the Consumentenbond retracts its conclusions.

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