Protect your pets on New Year's Eve: tips

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Pets need special protection to begin the New Year without too much fear and stress caused by all the fireworks. The Humane Society today is launching a media campaign giving tips on how to help them.

We may enjoy fireworks, but animals are scared by them because they hear the bangs much louder than we do but at the same time are not able to understand all the din, gunpowder smell and repeated flashes.


• Gradually accustom your pet to fireworks with a special CD.

• Take a firework course at a dog school. Make sure to enroll in time.

• Using sedatives is not advisable. The animal ends up sedated but its hearing remains as acute as ever. Sometimes, in fact, sedatives only make them more susceptible to sounds.

• On New Year's Eve, take your dog for a walk, on a lead, before 22.00.

• Keep cats inside, making sure all entrances, windows and doors are closed.

• Delay their evening meal. This makes them hungrier and less attentive to the fireworks.

• Allow your pet to find its own spot at home where it feels comfortable.

• Close the curtains, keep the lights on and switch on the radio or television to help block outside noises.

• Make sure your pet has been microchipped and is wearing its dag so it can be easily traced in case it runs away.

• Don't console your pet too much. This only reinforces their sense that something is wrong and its fear is appropriate. Behave as normally as possible.

• Don't punish them for showing signs of fear.

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