Protect companies from animal-rights activists

16th April 2008, Comments 0 comments

MP calls on government to protect companies who are being threatened by animal-right activists.

16 April 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - In today’s AD, a Christian Democrat MP calls on the government to "protect companies from the terror of animal-rights activists".

MP Sybrand Van Haersma Buma says the government should protect biotechnological companies which want to invest in The Netherlands.

On Tuesday, the town of Venray announced that it was scrapping plans to construct an industrial estate called Sciencelink following threats from animal-rights activists.

In December, a property developer pulled out of the project after the homes of two of its directors were plastered with slogans on Christmas Eve.

Parliament will discuss the consequences of "radical animal-rights activities" with the Justice and Interior ministers today.
MP Van Haersma Buma wants to know why the activists are not behind bars.

An MP of the conservative VVD party, Henk Kamp says the decision by the town of Venray "encourages activists to continue with their criminal behaviour".

De Volkskrant reports that a Venray city councillor, Lei Heldens, was continuously threatened and in recent months received police protection. The paper writes that animal-rights activists also threatened a company called Harlan, which breeds laboratory animals.

The city councillor says the town decided that the industrial estate wasn't worth the EUR 60 million investment since other companies were hesitating to participate out of fear of harassment.

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