ProRail barred from raising top managers' salaries

22nd September 2010, Comments 0 comments


Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings has told railway infrastructure company ProRail it will not be allowed to raise the salaries of its top managers. Prorail wanted to give two of its four directors a substantial wage increase.

At present the salaries of the two top managers are below the 'Balkenende Norm', which states that managers of semi-sate controlled companies should not earn higher salaries than the prime minister, i.e. not more than 188,000 euros a year. However, ProRail thought it would be 'appropriate' to deviate from the norm.

Minister Eurlings had a consultancy firm investigate whether it was necessary for the two managers to make more than 188,000 euros a year. The firm concluded that ProRail had used flawed arguments to justify the higher salaries; the railway infrastructure company compared itself with the wrong sort of companies and misjudged its international character.



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