Prince Willem-Alexander's controversial holiday home completed

29th August 2011, Comments 1 comment

A construction of a luxury holiday home in Mozambique belonging to Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima has been completed. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has informed parliament in writing, however, that the house has not yet been sold.

The prince and princess decided to sell the house at the end of 2009 following severe criticism. The couple had had enough of the continuing discussions about their participation in the project on the Machangulo peninsula. The prince even said the negative publicity was giving him sleepless nights.

To facilitate the sale, shares in the project have been transferred to a legal entity in Mozambique. Under Mozambican law only people with Mozambican nationality or a Mozambican legal entity can own property in the East African country.

In response to criticism in parliament about the project, Prince Willem-Alexander had already transferred his interests to the Machangulo administrative foundation in the summer of 2009 to create more distance between himself and the project. But critics were not satisfied. The foundation has now been dissolved according to the prime minister.

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  • barbara posted:

    on 31st August 2011, 07:11:07 - Reply

    Vacation from what? Being a prince, soon to be a King? Come on now, I thought he was a bit better than English royalty, but I guess they all think they are owed more than anyone else. WE who pay taxes have to limit our spending; royalty gets to build luxury vacation homes even though they do nothing for their horrific income. Oh, yes, I forgot ... they do something, but I wouldn't mind that type of job. Oh, well, no getting rid of any of them. Sadly,they will teach their children that the world is theirs. Royalty sucks..