Preacher faces accusations of inciting child abuse

10th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

A Christian preacher believes it is acceptable to smack children when necessary.

Amersfoort – A preacher from an Amersfoort church who talks about smacking a child when necessary has been accused of inciting child abuse, reports de Telegraaf.

Preacher Goldschmeding, who interprets ‘He who loves his child, does not spare the rod’ from the Bible literally, thinks there is nothing wrong with the occasional smack while educating a child.

This is the second time the father of three has been questioned by the police. 

In March, the 40-year-old preacher was detained by the police on child abuse charges and asked to explain his preaching methods. 

The preacher of AAC-Jouw church thinks there is nothing wrong with a slap on two 'soft cushions' and there is a reason why ‘God created them’.

The DVDs of the preacher's sermons have since been confiscated.


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