Police force arrests 72 people in Amsterdam

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City centre investigations yield multiple arrests in an aim to reduce criminality in Amsterdam.

Monday, 23 October 2006

AMSTERDAM - The police force has arrested 72 persons over the past week in Amsterdam during a special detection action in the city centre. Under the detainees were many repeat offenders who were suspected of street dealing, money laundering, trafficking in drugs and the fencing of stolen goods. The police force also impounded cars and luxury goods in addition to the seizure of drugs; this was made known on Monday.

The police force also evaluated several public places, such as hotel and catering establishments.

Thereby agents found a weapon and a large amount of money.

Of the 72 apprehended persons 25 were still in custody on Monday. The police force expects that the action week will produce much information due to the enormous turnover of files, warrants and reports for investigations currently in progress.

For the action, which had also already taken place in January, in addition to the police force, other services of the so called ‘chain unit’ also took part, among which the justice department, care institutions and reclassification. Attention had been especially directed at tracing addicted repeat offenders and their dealers and suppliers. The aim is to reduce the nuisance and crime in the centre of the city. Through the commitment of several services, detainees can also get a care offer tailored to their needs beside their punishment.

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