Police detain 'tampon maniac' in Groningen

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UPDATED 18 July 2006, AMSTERDAM — The 'tampon maniac' was arrested in the northern Dutch city of Groningen on Tuesday.

UPDATED 18 July 2006

AMSTERDAM — The 'tampon maniac' was arrested in the northern Dutch city of Groningen on Tuesday.

Police decided to detain the 40-year-old man after receiving 15 complaints about his behaviour.

He has been seen on numerous occasions rummaging though rubbish bags in search of used tampons and sanitary towels. He is particularly interested in tampons used by students and young women.

Police say the man has been active for at least the last six months and has been regularly spotted searching through garbage outside student dorms. It is not known what he does with the items he collects.

He has left letters for several of his 'victims'. But citing the interests of the investigation, the police have refused to disclose the contents of the letters, which are said to involve a play on words.

Rummaging through rubbish bags is a misdemeanour that carries a small fine. But the police hope to charge him with stalking.

It is by no means certain that he will be prosecuted. "After questioning, it will be up to the public prosecutor to decide what to do in the case," a spokesperson said. It is likely he will escape with a fine.

This is not the first time the man - dubbed the 'tampon maniac' by the Dutch media - has been active in Groningen. He regularly collected tampons a few years ago but stopped after a "good talk" with police.

He took up his strange hobby again about six months ago. It is not known how often he goes out looking for tampons, but the police spokesperson said he is "very active".

Police plan to send him to professionals to investigate his "extremely deviant behaviour".

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