Pension cuts 'almost inevitable'

20th October 2011, Comments 0 comments

More than 100 Dutch pension funds may have to cut benefit payments from April 2013, says a pensions insider.

Director Gerard Riemen of the pension funds' umbrella organisation broke the news in a newspaper interview with the . He said the cuts would average out at around three percent, but could be as high as 15 percent.

Mr Riemen said the pension funds could not afford to wait any longer and had to cut benefits now. He said more than 100 pension funds were in serious trouble. They are no longer able to meet the compulsory 105-percent coverage of future financial obligations. They have also failed to make sufficient headway with the government-imposed ‘road to recovery’ scheme. In a worst-case scenario, the pensions of more than one million people will be affected.

The pension funds are unlikely to report positive results any time soon. Low interest rates and disappointing returns on investments are having a negative effect on the funds’ ability to meet the 105-percent coverage norm.

An increase in pension premiums appears inevitable, but Social Affairs Minister Henk Kamp said on Wednesday that this would not be absolutely necessary in all cases.

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