Parliament wants pressure on NATO to stop noise pollution

25th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

Parliament calls on state secretary to put pressure on NATO to stop radar flights from German base.

25 January 2007

AMSTERDAM – Parliament thinks the government should exert more pressure on NATO to tackle the severe noise pollution from the treaty organisation’s AWACS aircraft flying over Schinveld.

CDA, PvdA, SP and GroenLinks want State Secretary for Defence Cees van der Knaap to outline precisely what legal possibilities there are to force NATO to help find a solution for this problem.

Van der Knaap promised to give information on the effect of a so-called inside flight arrangement which would ban AWACS from flying above Dutch territory. The state secretary does oppose a complete ban on the flights. The security of the Netherlands could not be guaranteed if the flights were stopped altogether, he says.

The aircraft are stationed at the German base of Geilenkirchen but fly over parts of Limburg. Van der Knaap also fears negative reactions from other NATO partners if the Netherlands introduces a complete ban.

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