Paedophile campaigner goes into hiding

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6 June 2006, AMSTERDAM — One of the founders of the Dutch paedophile party has gone into hiding.

6 June 2006

AMSTERDAM — One of the founders of the Dutch paedophile party has gone into hiding.

Ad van den Berg, 62, eft his caravan at the Kruininger Gors recreation park on Friday, a spokesperson for the park's owners, Molecaten Groep, said on Tuesday.

Van den Burg and two other men, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, 34, and Norbert de Jonge, 28, last week announced the launch of the NVD party to campaign for the legalisation of sex between adults and children aged 12 and above. The current age of consent is 16. 

They are seeking support from 500 people to enable the party to be registered to contest the general election in May 2007.

News of the new party caused outrage in both the Netherlands and abroad. People staying on the campsite were among those to voice objections. The three men have received threats and this included serious threats directed at the campsite. "But we do understand the commotion and the emotion," the spokesperson said.

Van den Berg has not returned the media’s calls for days. If he wishes to return to his caravan he will have to have a talk with the management of the campsite. "The agreement states a place in the park is granted for recreational purposes. His activities do not fall under this," the Molecaten Groep spokesperson said.

As far as can be established no other guests left Kruininger Gors because of Van den Berg's presence. "But this is a large park and there were no people living close to him," the spokesperson said.

Internet company Media Design announced last week that it will stop hosting the NVD's website by the end of June. 

Meanwhile, private security company NVD Beveilingen has taken court action to force the paedophile party from using the initials NVD. Director Marco van Gelder said the publicity surrounding the launch of the new party had damaged the image of his company which is totally unrelated.

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