Others should match EU's efforts on climate says EU president

16th December 2009, Comments 1 comment

Other countries should follow the European Union's lead and make comparable efforts in the fight against climate change, the EU's new president Van Rompuy said Tuesday.

Lisbon--"We have to deal with other urgent questions," Herman Van Rompuy told reporters in Lisbon after a meeting with Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates.
"The most important of course is climate change."

Last week EU leaders agreed a package of EUR 7.2 billion (USD 10.6 billion) in aid to help developing countries tackle global warming.

But the Group of 77 developing nations -- actually a caucus of 130 states that includes China -- said the proposal failed to address the issue of setting up long-term financing mechanisms.

"We were very generous as to the financial means for the least developed countries. We are very ambitious for decreasing CO2. Of course other countries have to make comparable efforts."

Before his visit to Lisbon, Van Rompuy met Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in Madrid. Spain will take over the six-month rotating EU presidency on 1 January.

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  • Franklin posted:

    on 16th December 2009, 22:00:22 - Reply

    I hear everyone complaining about how the westeren countries leave such a big carbon footprint per person. The reason for this is because they have more money to spend for products. So called developing nations are using this as blackmail to try to extract money from the westren countries. So that we pay them for not polluting. What I'm saying is that if everyone had the same money to spend, We would all pullute the same.