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15 April 2005AMSTERDAM — The Dutch government has put REM Island, a former den used by pirate broadcasters, on the market.

15 April 2005

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch government has put REM Island, a former den used by pirate broadcasters, on the market.

Lying off the coast at Noordwijk, the steel, two deck, 12mx24m metal platform has a high broadcasting mast and and a helicopter pad.

It was originally built by entrepreneurs who wanted to circumvent the broadcasting laws.

Radio Veronica, the first commercial pirate station in the Netherlands, was operating from a ship at the time. As it remained outside Dutch territorial waters, Veronica avoided being shut down.

Radio Noordzee began broadcasting as a pirate station from the steel hulk, six miles off the shore, in July 1964 and quickly built up a loyal following. TV Noordwijk soon followed, news reported.

The Dutch government wanted to shut it down and persuaded several other countries to support its proposal to extend the national territorial limit of the continental shelf to 11.5 km, putting REM island within its jurisdiction.

The axe fell in December 1964 when the police and the coastguard raided the REM and shut down the transmitters.

The Department of Waterways and Public Works began using REM Island as a base for marine studies and measurements in 1974. But by October 2003, the authorities decided it was surplus to requirements and would be dismantled.

A spokesperson for the Department said on Friday that the island would be put up for sale. If no buyer is found b y the end of the summer, the platform will be dismantled.

No asking price has been revealed, though reported REM island costs EUR 500,000 to EUR 700,000 per year to maintain.

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