One-man theatre show (Amsterdam, The Hague): The Westerbork Serenade

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On November 13, 2010, Xaviera Hollander announces with great pleasure the world premiere of this fascinating yet humorous one-man show with David Natale: The Westerbork Serenade at the New Liberal Jewish Center in Amsterdam.

American actor and playwright, David Natale brings home a seldom-remembered story of the Holocaust in Holland with his award winning oneman show: The Westerbork Serenade. Because of anxiety over increased immigration, in 1939 the Dutch government set up a camp near the town of Westerbork to hold the stream of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. After 1940, the Nazis turned Lager Westerbork into a transitcamp which funneled more than100,000 Jews to their doom in the eastern camps.

Westerbork was not a death camp. It was crowded and food scarce, but one could survive there. Westerbork even had a hospital, schools and a shop offering goods previously looted from the Jews. The German speaking Jewish inmates ran the administration of the camp. The SS commandant's pet project was a weekly cabaret show at Westerbork. It featured top Jewish entertainers from Germany and Holland. If one was in the show, one was "exempt" from transport- temporarily. By the end of the war, however, most of the performers from Westerbork were also sent to their deaths in eastern camps, joining the eventual six million who died.

David Natale will perform this one man show where he seamlessly portrays fifteen different characters from Camp Westerbork. He has written this play himself based on many years of research and conversations with Westerbork survivors.

Audience and Press review:
"Amazing show, such depth, richness and skill. David Natale also performs some lovely song- and dance numbers of the many cabaret artists who were  in Westerbork."
"So though Westerbork Serenade is a heavy subject it is brought with lots of humor which makes it a most enjoying show to see."
"A powerful piece, wonderfully performed, the Westerbork Serenade is not only a holocaust story about jews and nazis, but a cautionary tale on the destructiveness of prejudice and racism."    

Shows in Amsterdam and the Hague:

Time: 8pm

Places&Dates:     New Liberal Jewish Centre (Nov.13th)

                            Apollo First theatre (Nov. 19th & 20th)

                            Ostade Theater (Nov. 21st & 28th)

                            Pepijn Theater (Nov. 29th)

Price: 25 euros


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