On a spiritual mission to Holland

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Char is coming to the Netherlands as part of her mission to help people discover their own intuitive powers. We find out why the Dutch have taken the 'psychic to the stars' to their heart.

"I just have a feeling about this," Dutch media tycoon John de Mol told Char when they talked about the launch of her show 'Char het Medium' on television in the Netherlands.

"That is what I feel too," Chars says as she explains what it means to get in touch with your intuition.


Char is famous for communicating with departed spirits

"Animals have instinct, people have intuition. It is a natural sense that we all share. When we listen to intuition in combination with logic, common sense and intelligence we make our wisest choices."


Inner skill

It is a skill many people already use, she says, including successful business people like De Mol (creator of Big Brother) and other major players around the world.

Char is on a personal mission to teach the rest of us how to get in touch with this "sixth sense".

She says it all started when as a child she began to see spirits, read thoughts and  events. "At first my abilities frightened me because I did not understand them, but eventually I came to accept them as a gift from the universe," she says.

Since then she has been developing her skills and training others to do the same.
Char is best known as the psychic to the stars, and more recently in the Netherlands as a television medium.

She receives messages from beyond the grave and passes them on to their surviving relatives who come to her for people at private, USD 500 sessions, or to guests on her television show.

Char acknowledges that some people scoff at the idea of an afterlife and dismiss her as a fraud. Her response is without malice but uncompromising: "These people are in for a big surprise when they die".

"I know people who have had near-death experiences and have seen their ethereal body hovering about their physical body."

She notes experiences not only give hope of "life after death" but encourage people to live the rest of their life on earth in a positive and loving manner.

God within

Is Char religious?

"Prayer is important because it is positive. God is what is in us; our thoughts create reality," she says.

The name of the god you worship is less important that living in goodness, love, compassion and wisdom. Some things are predestined, she says, but we can also shape our own destiny to a large extent by embracing our intuition.

Her "personal mission" brings her to Amsterdam for sold-out workshops on 21 and 22 June organised by new events company Urban Learning. The theme is how to expand one's natural intuitive psychic ability.

She has already built up quite a following in the Netherlands thanks to the 'Char het Medium' show, which returns to station 'RTL 4' in September.

"I am blessed to be popular here," Char says displaying her trademark exuberance. "The Dutch people are very warm and open to exploring their intuition."

Pim Fortuyn

She agrees this openness may stem in part from the traumas and re-evaluation the Netherlands has gone through since the assassination of populist politician Pim Fortuyn in May 2002.

Char's first appearance on Dutch television coincided with Fortuyn's murder. Marten Fortuyn, Pim's brother, was a guest on one of the later shows.

She relayed messages to him from his dead brother. She indicated Pim Fortuyn was still angry about his murder and felt it was a conspiracy involving sitting politicians.

But is stoking the embers of the conspiracy theory surrounding Fortuyn's death helpful?

Char concedes that some critics accuse her of "Googling" her subjects to find useful material on the internet. She insists that her information comes from the other side, the spirit world.

Char's prognosis

She agrees though that many people's view of the world is coloured by the media, where the message is often one of fear. The hallmarks of life today seem to be distrust and fear.

People are worried about crime, politically-motivated terrorism and more.

Will the world ever discover the love and goodness Char preaches?

"I am worried for mankind. Things will get worse before they get better," Char states.

A major part of the process would be for people to get in touch with their sixth sense — Char is on a personal mission to help people make the connection.

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