OV-studentenkaart card: Update

15th February 2010, Comments 1 comment

What you need to know about the student OV-chipkaart.

On the days that they travel for free on public transport in cities which use the OV-chip system, they still need to swipe in and out of the bus, tram and metro. Students also get a traditional student card which likewise indicates when they are entitled to travel for free (weekends or weekdays) and they must show this to the relevant conductor on public transport when they travel in areas which still haven’t moved to the OV-chipkaart system. The same applies for travel on the Dutch railways in their ‘travel-for-free’ time. Outside this time they can apply for an NS train ticket at student discount with their student card.

When students travel with an OV-studentenkaart outside their free travel period, the credit on the card will be deducted from the smart-card account at a reduced tariff.

Points to note:

  • Students still cannot travel by train using the OV-studentenchipkaart. They need to buy a ticket at student prices (with their reduction card) unless at free travel times.
  • Students can travel on metro, bus and tram with an OV-studentenchipkaart.
  • Students don't need to check in and out with their OV-studentenchipkaart.
  • Students can pick up travel tickets for ‘travel-for-free’times at Albert Hein supermarkets at train stations.


If you’ve applied for an OV-studentkaart and still haven’t received it within a reasonable time, you can contact the Studenten OV-chipkaart service on 0900-6655444 – have your student card number ready and they can check the status in their system. If they have no record of receiving your application, you need to refer back to IBG. Alternatively, check out www.studentenov-chipkaart.nl/. For questions over your right to have a student travel card, then contact the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (formerly the IB-Groep) on 050-5997755.

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