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Internet research under the Dutch reveals undecided voters, support for further education and economic expectations

3 November 2006
THE HAGUE - Eight out of ten Dutch nationals expect that the tax deduction of mortgage interest will be limited or abolished and six out of ten supports this measure, unless it applies for new mortgages.

This was revealed by the outcome of, new research by means of internet, in which over the past six weeks 170.000 Dutch have participated.

They gave their opinion concerning the future of the economy and society.

The results of that research, carried out by McKinsey&Company, have been offered Friday to FNV-chairperson Agnes Jongerius, chairman Bernard Wientjes van VNO-NCW and Alexander Rinnooy, president of the VNO-NCW socio-economic council.

From the research it also becomes clear that 54 per cent of the population support easing of the dismissal right if the employer is obliged to make more efforts for further training and bi-schooling.

If it will keep the AOW old age pension payable, the Dutch choose massively for more hours of work instead of a lower AOW benefit or a higher pension age.

Merely one quarter of the population says they support the policy of the current government and two thirds indicated not to know where political parties stand.

The research workers for this reason say it is not surprising that the electorate is adrift.

Almost half of the voters still have doubts concerning the party for which
they will vote, whereas a third is resolved to vote for the same party as in the previous elections.

Rinnooy Kan said Friday at the presentation to have been moved by the willingness of citizens supporting reform of the welfare state.

Jongerius found that politicians must become more concerned with the gap which the research observes between them and the population.

Wientjes said to be glad with the support which people give to discussions concerning an easing of the dismissal right.

A condition of that easing must be in his opinion that employers are prepared to invest in bi-schooling for their staff, so that they will have more chance for another job

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