No interest in “loan Muslim”

26th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

Salaheddien Boulaabi is eager to talk to non-Muslims to help rid the world of misconceptions about Islam. There have been no invitations so far.

26 January 2007
AMSTERDAM – There is no interest in the only “loan Muslim” in the Netherlands. Almere resident Salaheddien Boulaabi wants to talk to non-Muslims to help get rid of misunderstandings about Islam.

But despite a campaign and a website which he launched 18 months ago, he has never been approached to come and give a talk.

“Maybe people are afraid I am going to evangelise, but that really is not my aim. I just want to contribute to more understanding,’ says the loan Muslim. He would very much like to talk at schools and businesses. “Businesses that have one Muslim on the staff, for instance, often have questions that I can answer.”

Boulaabi hoped he would receive invitations from all over the Netherlands, but there haven’t been any even from his hometown of Almere. The loan Muslim can be reached at

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