New fathers miss the pub, sleep, sex

12th February 2008, Comments 2 comments

Almost half of new fathers in the Netherlands say they forego nights out after the birth of their child, according to survey.

12 February 2008

AMSTERDAM – Men who have just become a father miss the pub, sleep and sex. Almost half of new fathers say they forego nights out after the birth of their child. About 38 percent make fewer appointments with friends. A third say they do not get enough sleep and 29 percent have a less active sex life.

This emerges from the survey Vaders Vandaag (Fathers Today) that will be presented at a pregnancy fair in the RAI in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Research bureau Ruigrok Netpanel asked 534 fathers with children under 8 about their experiences during their wives’ pregnancy and while having babies at home.

Dutch men reported feeling hyperactive while awaiting the birth. No less than 83 percent spend a great deal of time working on the baby room. Two thirds accompany their wives to the gynaecologist or obstetrician. Most men also accompany their wives to buy a pram and other baby equipment. Only 18 percent tag along to birthing classes however.

Most men (85 percent) take days off work in addition to the two they are legally entitled after the birth of their child. Most do not cut down on hours at work however: 64 percent work the same number of hours as before the birth and 6 percent even work more.

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  • Margaret posted:

    on 20th February 2008, 07:08:26 - Reply

    And women miss out on sleep, sex, and time with their friends too. That is invisible because it is simply expected of women. And the sacrifice of "hyperactive" men means they are taking part in some prebirth activities - while their wives are doing all of them - plus coping with pregnancy! Too bad the article was all about the men and what they miss by helping their wives.
  • Lisa posted:

    on 18th February 2008, 11:07:24 - Reply

    Ahhh, such a pity that men miss out on sleep, going to the pub and sex after their partner has a baby. My heart bleeds.....