New decision next week on Joran arrest

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The public prosecution department on Aruba will decide next week whether to arrest Joran van der Sloot again.

8 February 2008

ORANJESTAD – The public prosecution department on Aruba announced on Friday that it will decide next week whether to arrest Joran van der Sloot once again.

Last week the examining judge dismissed a request from the public prosecution department to take the man suspected of Natalee Holloway's murder into custody. An appeal was filed against this decision on Tuesday.

Since Van der Sloot has already been arrested twice, the authorities will only agree to arrest him under strict conditions. The confession he made on Peter R. de Vries' television programme is not enough.

The public prosecution has until 12 noon today (local time) to submit all relevant documentation to the court that will hear the appeal. Joran van der Sloot's statement, which he offered to give police after De Vries' broadcast, is expected to be included in this information, though it is not known whether this statement has been given as yet.

The public prosecutor in Aruba, Hans Mos, is currently in the Netherlands. But a spokesperson says he is only here on holiday, "not as part of the case." The public prosecution will not release any new information about the case until the court has decided on the appeal.

Patrick van der Eem, the informant to whom Joran van der Sloot made his confession regarding the Natalee Holloway case, has been refused entry to the US. Peter R. de Vries' website reported this on Thursday evening.

Van der Eem was accompanying De Vries to the US to appear on a number of talk shows.

The US Immigration and Naturalisation Service at JFK airport in New York however decided not to issue Van der Eem a visitor's visa because of his criminal record. He was convicted of drug possession years ago.

Van der Eem flew back to Amsterdam early Thursday evening.

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