New Dutch PM promises immigration cut

14th October 2010, Comments 6 comments

The new Dutch Prime Minister, conservative liberal leader Mark Rutte, promised Thursday to cut immigration after the investiture of his rightist cabinet backed by anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

"We cannot continue to allow so many to people without prospects to come to the Netherlands," Rutte told journalists hours after his cabinet was sworn in by Queen Beatrix in a closed ceremony at her working palace in The Hague.

"The Netherlands will always be open for asylum-seekers ... but we cannot continue to allow such large numbers of immigrants."

Rutte, a 43-year-old former human resources manager at multi-national Unilever, is the first prime minister from a Dutch liberal party, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), since 1918.

His coalition of VVD and Christian Democratic Action (CDA) commands only 52 seats out of 150 in the Dutch lower house of parliament, but has made a deal with Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) for the support of its 24 MPs to pass policy through parliament.

The PVV, which remains outside the government, will get a say in policy formulation in return.

Wilders, who campaigns for an end to Muslim immigration, a ban on new mosques and a head scarf tax, went on trial in Amsterdam last Monday on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims.

Announcing his cooperation pact with Rutte's government this month, Wilders, 47, said the burqa would be banned and immigration halved.

Rutte said Thursday his government's priority, "besides ensuring that the Netherlands comes through the (economic) crisis stronger", would be to meet election promises on burning issues like immigration.

He said his coalition was "happy" with the support of the PVV, but stressed that "we are at odds with each other" over Islam.

"For the CDA and VVD, Islam is a religion and for the PVV a political ideology. That is a fundamental difference," Rutte said after receiving the cabinet chairman's gavel from outgoing premier Jan Peter Balkenende.

Some political analysts believe the new coalition is too unstable to last long.

The last government, Balkenende's fourth CDA-led coalition, fell in February in a dispute over continued military support to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Rutte's VVD narrowly won June 9 general elections with 31 seats in parliament, while Wilders' PVV was the biggest climber, nearly tripling its support from nine seats previously.

The CDA, which has been in nearly all governments since World War II, saw its presence dwindle from 41 seats.

The new government comprises six ministers each from the VVD and CDA.

The VVD-CDA coalition agreement promises to cut government spending by 18 billion euros by 2015. The country saw its budget surplus turn into a worrying deficit amid the global crisis.

The longest chapter of the governing accord -- seven of its 46 pages -- is devoted to immigration, proposing stricter conditions for asylum and making it harder for partners and children of immigrant workers to enter the Netherlands.

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  • felicity posted:

    on 20th October 2010, 14:52:43 - Reply

    the govt wont stay long n seeing mark rutte himself has no bckbone..not even a partner or fam to run his own institution..hw is he supposed to run his govt?? I have heard a say saying an ideal person to run a govt is a person who understands what a family institution is coz when u r single, run a govt, u r more selfish will not understd how it is like to be separated fr a child or wife from their partner irregardless of local dutch or immigrants..juz look @ faking blonde-hair GWilders who he himself born as allochtonen afkomst. something is wronged with dutch politicians i mean the new generation, d whole new mess! Balkenende may not win the election but at least he has the spirit to bring all human together as residents of planet EARTH..whether u r in Europe or Asia or anywhere..who r u to tell people, u dun deserve to stay anywhere..dis planet EARTH belongs to no1 but all HUMAN!FOR GOD SAKE!! Holland alone didnt belong to its own people..many of their own dutch citizen themselves are not loyal, left their ctys to live elsewhere for better do u call them loyal??? n they stil hold their Dutch passports? or shud u create a new law to fellow dutch citizen? By the way, WHO IS DUTCH? consists of WHITE who speak dutch?? My husband is not pure Dutch..wif german-Scandinavian if dats hw Dutch peep here define WHO IS REAL DUTCH?? CAN YOU??
    if d immigrants dun become cleaners, who will be?? I hv a Moroccon fren whose brother a successful in UK as bankers holding Masters n now locating in SG..hes aware n feel being treated doublestandared if to apply in Dutch banks..see hw bad dutch mentality, not based on qualification but wot race u r!!

    dun blame d immigrants alone..i see many dutch citizen themselves faked their health condition, rely solely on subsidies/allowance wotever they called it here..i hv kennis van ons she wore a fake armsling, for 3 yrs faking her health condition n open n eat as normal using her hands..hw do u explain that? they still out there, n i see her everyday enjoying every penny we paid for the it bcoz shes autotoch??
    Im a professional immigrant wif university similar qualification here, used to work for US firm bck in my cty..unfrotunately bcoz of my Asian face, i cudnt get a job here, tho i hv passed my inburgeringcursus..being interviewed by stupid moron here. Ended up as hsewife trying to become entrepreneur but due to d stupid high taxation dat deter hsewives like me become own boss n successful. Wic in d end i set up own small biz in my cty wif huge nr of customers fr overseas than own Dutch pple who wanted only cheap cheap stuff, not willing to pay more!I My partner, Dutchman and he himself sick n tired of the whole political issues here..simply unresolved..juz make it worst! Taxing the wrong people, i bet corruption still exists here everywhere in Europe..they dun even improvise welfare n healthcare system, bad midwive n hosp care when comes to childbirth leading to increase on childbirth mortality, i lost my miscarriage n my neighbr gfren 9mths pregnancy cudnt be saved, bad klantenservice, wic r shitly slow n unfriendly..
    dis is what d govt shud focus to help the economy better..
    to respect immigrants like some ctys esp Asia gd egs is Sgpore who respect immigrants who comes fr developed or developing ctys for their labour services such as construction workers n even domestic helpers..dats d way to respect such immigrants..of coz bad ones, u send them bck..

    juz imagined when the PVV win one day, the whole world are closing their biz trade to the is bad rely bad doing biz here..i got more customers fr overseas than own Dutch d dutch famous phrase kijken, kijken niet kopen..u guys nvr think of economy trade where all dis comes into the picture..instead of listening to the stupid politicians who juz blabbered day n nite, just evaluate n focus if they will fulfill ur needs, socially, economically, financially etc..dats wot politician shud focus..n bring better economy to all of us...for 6 yrs ive been here, d economy is rely bad..coz they preach nothing but immigrants n not focusing on nation's welfare..kick d drugs dat been stinking the whole cities of hollands..i hate to walk wif my son wif d smell of drugs at neighbourhood!! improve the safety of every neighbrhood esp police system..rely bad police force here..
    one thing people who vote PVV dun realise Israel regering is part of the party..we all know..even the whole world r aware..hope the dutch wont be more wake up, be more hardworking n intelligent so u dun hv to depend on immigrants to do ur simplest job..for ur info, thanx to the turkish or moroccon restnt who opens daily to feed us..u cant depend on dutch shops to feed ur least i can spend my precious quality time wif my fam on weekend n have a lovely cheap turkish pizza or doner bite...
    for ur information, many Dutch r working in Asia n Middle Eastern ctys...maybe its time all dis dutch people shud return to where they belong..see hw they react if they got kicked out..they themselves are migrating to other ctys...shud we send their ass bck to their own cty???

    all of us r born as immigrants..there r no true origins in dis world! trust me..dats hw survival took place in past centuries..look bck at those history n u will find out..
  • RobertMWeaver posted:

    on 20th October 2010, 13:56:49 - Reply

    Leslie: First of all, the majority (60% ) of family based migration is from the developed world. The vast majority is a Dutch person sponsoring. Do you realize that when those Dutch people come back, they may want to bring their family and kids with them. That is also a form of immigration.
    And they may want fair treatment when doing so. Right now the government fees to do so are insane, and procedure a pain, and the government treats you like garbage during the process. This government wants to make it even harder, more expensive, more troublesome to do so.
    I know this because my fiancee's mother was one of those Dutch people returning ten years ago, and now my fiancee also is a sponsor. You only promote the government treating you yourself like crap when you tell it to treat people like crap.
  • PAS posted:

    on 16th October 2010, 15:18:25 - Reply

    Leslie, you are very ignorant.. so keeping quiet is always the best option! MANY of the people that Geert Wilders would like to "evict" WERE born in the Netherlands! Check your facts before opening your mouth.
    Stuart, I am an "allochtone", with double nationality, Dutch
  • Leslie posted:

    on 15th October 2010, 18:15:41 - Reply

    Good for he new prime minister to have all those ideals. Why does the Netherlands not try to get their own people back in the country they were born in instead of getting any (ANY!) immigrants into their country. Remember for decades Holland would pay their people a fw dollars to go to other countries, many did. What did they get instead yes, the people with the damn stuff on their head and who live off welfare mostly, paid for by whatever Dutch people are left in the country.
  • stuart577 posted:

    on 15th October 2010, 14:02:27 - Reply

  • cornell posted:

    on 15th October 2010, 00:23:53 - Reply

    Please provide some news about Geert's sham trial. The world is watching.