Netherlands to levy 'green' road tax by the kilometre

16th November 2009, Comments 4 comments

The Dutch government wants to introduce a "green" road tax by the kilometre from 2012 aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent and halving congestion.

The Hague--"Each vehicle will be equipped with a GPS device that tracks how many kilometres are driven and when and where. This data will be then be sent to a collection agency that will send out the bill," the transport ministry said in a statement.

Ownership and sales taxes, about a quarter of the cost of a new car, will be scrapped and replaced by the "price per kilometre" system aimed at cutting the Netherlands' carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent.

"Traffic jams will be halved and it helps the environment," the ministry said.

Dutch motorists driving a standard family saloon will be charged 3 euro cents per kilometre (seven US cents per mile) in 2012. That would increase to 6.7 cents (16 US cents per mile) in 2018, according to the proposed law.

Every vehicle type will have a base rate, which depends on its size, weight and carbon dioxide emissions.

Taxis, vehicles for the disabled, buses, motorcycles and classic cars will all be exempt.

"An alternative payment will be introduced for foreign vehicles," the ministry statement added.

The Dutch cabinet approved the road tax bill on Friday. It will need the backing of parliament before it becomes law.

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4 Comments To This Article

  • wayne posted:

    on 18th November 2009, 12:01:40 - Reply

    What is happening to this country,

    big brother i guess

    carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent what about these big huge pawer stations we have on the coastline pumping out all this carbon dioxide,

  • Murray posted:

    on 18th November 2009, 11:55:58 - Reply

    It won't take long before someone brings out a GPS jammer...oh, they already have. And it's a Dutch company.

    Excellent. Then I'll pay no road tax and no price per km
  • Juan posted:

    on 18th November 2009, 11:32:26 - Reply

    That's right Karla...not to mention that most people will end up paying much more for road tax than they pay today. Welcome to The Netherlands...the land of freedom...
  • Karla posted:

    on 16th November 2009, 21:23:08 - Reply

    This is incredibly intrusive of the government. They are saying they are using these GPS devices to be able to 'bill" their citizens for usage, but they are also getting all sorts of data that is none-of-their business.