Neo-Nazis banned from marching in Budapest

13th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

Hungarian police rejected applications by neo-Nazis to march this weekend in commemoration of the death of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Budapest – Hungarian police rejected a series of applications on Wednesday by neo-Nazis for permission to march this weekend in commemoration of the death of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Replies had been sent stating that the Budapest police headquarters "prohibits the holding of the event" to nine applicants who had requested clearance to march through the capital on Saturday, said a statement.

According to Hungarian law, plans for demonstrations and marches have to be submitted to police for approval three days before they take place.

The decision comes after Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai had urged police to block the march and President Laszlo Solyom expressed his indignation over the intent by local and foreign neo-Nazi groups to plan such an event in Hungary.

The march, followed by a concert, was being organised by a local neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Front, according to an online advertisement for the event.

These ads were published on the Internet in Hungarian, English and German, allegedly to attract fascist groups from abroad, Hungarian media reported.

Hess was Hitler's deputy in the German Nazi Party from the mid-1930s onwards. He was sentenced at the Nuremberg war crimes trials in 1946 to life imprisonment at Spandau prison in Berlin where he died in 1987.

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