Nan Yar game training sessions to encourage inner growth (sponsored contribution)

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Ingrid Schippers' “Nan Yar”, the personal development game you always win, aims to encourage inner growth and balance by minimizing concern over social construction and harnessing human instinct and mindfulness.

Do you seriously search for ways to make your life less stressful, more mindful, less demanding and more fulfilling; or do you often postpone until later? 

How often do you evaluate your skills, tools, challenges and opportunities to see what difference you can make in the world? Do you want to know how to incorporate more quality time and eliminate too much quantity time? 

The answers to these questions are hidden inside yourSelf: You and no one else are the expert with what you really want, need and expect. 

However, stepping from achievement to achievement in daily life like stepping-stones may cause you to overlook personal breathing space within these stones. If this all sounds too familiar, it’s time for a game of Nan Yar.

In yoga philosophy, Nan Yar stands  for Who am I, the very first question to explore in personal development. The answers are like keys to a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

The Nan Yar Personal Development Game creates awareness of your inner capacity and wishes, ridding you of the seeds and needs planted by demanding careers, social obligations or commercial advertising. Exploring who you are gives you a lead in physical, emotional and mental well-being. We are all capable of creating our own set of challenges,opportunities, gifts and tools. 

The Nan Yar card game serves as your personal life coach. By playing, you create your own life business plan, developing strategies the way you want and creating your own keys to personal development. In the end, the end is always a win-win situation if you play your cards right!

Basically the card game translates what is already in your world. Since the dawn of (wo)mankind we have been equipped with responses, inner knowing, intuition and instinct to help us survive. Our 'flight or fight' mechanisms have not changed much since the days we had to run from the predator.
The only difference now is that the predator is your career, your financial obligations and your social demands. Coaching how to use your natural ability to heal, relax and think straight, the sayings on the Nan Yar cards guide you towards a more integrated lifestyle.

Ingrid Schippers, founder of the Portable Yoga Company and creator of the Nan Yar personal development game explains how the Nan Yar Card Game came into being.

"In yoga class I found myself often telling people how they are their own best teacher. You yourself can estimate how flexible you are and what is good for your body and mindset."
"Too often I’ve seen people literally overstretch their personal boundaries in yoga postures because they felt that if their neighbor could do it they should be able to do it, too."

As ambitious and busy as we are in our western world we often strive for perfection using tools imposed by the outside world. We tend to forget to take a moment to count our own blessings and use our own parameters. 

Delivering rather than experiencing, we tend to overlook our personal space. Yet in-between life’s stepping-stones of social demands, career assignments and financial obligations flows a river full of personal potential. 

The Nay Yar personal development game is designed to give leads to re-discover your own capacities. 

Basically you write your own game using the cards for inspiration. The game creates  “what if” case study situations where the usual self-imposed barriers and inhibitions in real life issues cease to exist. Anything becomes possible.

This way the player determines his or her own outcome in a "what  if” daily life situation. The Magic of this method is that even in "what if" situations our minds and spirits can only produce what is potentially available within us. What you can visualize, you can also manifest.

So, taking some time to explore the big question “Who am I” in a playful way, discovering your very own tools, gifts, challenges and opportunities might well be worth your while.

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All photos by Ingrid Schippers.

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