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Global warming costs to be exuberant according to environmental report, current Dutch tax advantages for polluters seen as detrimental too improving CO2 emissions.

30 October 2006

AMSTERDAM - The alarming report of the British top economist Stern, which states that the costs as a consequence of the global warming up of the earth could run up to 7.000 billion dollars, can not remain without impact in our country, finds the Milieudefensie for environmental issues.

In order to reduce the impact of the greenhouse gas, considerable investments are necessary and if those remain undone, the damage in the future will be many times larger, thus said Stern.

According to him famine threatens hundreds of millions of people in mainly poor regions. Stern pleads for the investments in clean technology to double and for a concrete price card to hang onto the emissions of the emissions of CO2 gas.

The environmental defence group calls upon the Dutch politicians to make an end to exempting excise tax on plane fuel and to no longer give a tax advantage to the large consumers of energy.

The money that will then be released can be used for “climate friendly’’ measures.

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