Moroccans want Wilders prosecuted

24th January 2008, Comments 8 comments

Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands want Geert Wilders prosecuted for discrimination against Muslims.

24 January 2008

THE HAGUE – Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands want the public prosecution department to prosecute Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders for discrimination against Muslims. If the justice department refuses, then the organisations will approach the court to force the prosecution department to take action.

Chairman of the National Moroccan Council (LBM) Mohamed Rabbae said this on Thursday, partly in response to the film on the Koran that Wilders is currently working on.

Rabbae says that the public prosecution department is hesitant to follow through on the many complaints filed against Wilders and that there is some fear of taking legal action against him. "We want to force that action," says the former GroenLinks MP.

The public prosecution department received more than 40 complaints against Wilders after the MP called for the Koran to be banned. The justice department has not yet indicated whether the complaints will lead to prosecution.

The LBM, which claims to represent 200 organisations, says that Wilders is waging "racist politics" by constantly insulting Muslims and discriminating against them. "Wilders is a racist with regard to Islam. His comments are not aimed at a race, but at a religion and population group," says Rabbae.

The Moroccan organisations further elaborated on their plans to ‘neutralise' the anticipated effects of Wilders' film on the Koran. They are calling on all Muslims who feel offended by the film to show that they can stand the criticism and "not let themselves be driven mad by a madman."

If the film is insulting and discriminating, all Muslims should also go to the police and file reports against Wilders en masse.

The LBM is calling on embassies from Arab countries and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which unites the 57 Muslim countries, not to boycott the Netherlands.

"The Netherlands is not only Wilders' country, but a home for many Muslims. Every measure against the Netherlands affects us too," says Rabbae. He is going to approach the Iranian ambassador this week to ask him not to break diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.

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  • Guest posted:

    on 6th September 2010, 12:45:56 - Reply

    They want to ban Wilders and put in jail... That wouldn't be a new idea in EU to attack a thought and in turn create Thought Police state. At the end of World War II on the border of German there was once a sign "End of Civilization" should I consider such a sign on a border crossing to EU. Very interesting... Let's see what develops next...
  • Steven posted:

    on 26th January 2008, 14:02:45 - Reply

    Yes there is a rift but Mr. Wilders and Co. are not helping matters.
  • CB posted:

    on 26th January 2008, 00:16:28 - Reply

    The sad fact is that if a racist like Wilders does release this movie,he will be proven right by a certain portion of Muslims.What does that tell you?
  • Ian O'Mara posted:

    on 25th January 2008, 15:43:32 - Reply

    What a theologically naive remark by Ken. This is same old moral equivalence charge (i.e. Islam and Christianity are the same which is nonsense). The Old Testament has specific injunctions to war for specific people at a specific time this is not transferred into the New Testament teaching which gives the injunction to love your enemies. Hence, this is why one does not find Christians today beheading people yelling praise to Jesus like you do in Islam (beheading yelling Allah Akbar). Moreover, Wilders could repudiate Christianity and there would be little response, but if he criticizes Islam by showing it is not a religion of peace, his life will be threatened (what a deadly irony). Ian
  • Ken posted:

    on 25th January 2008, 12:53:16 - Reply

    What Wilders has said about the Koran may or may not be true, but his mistake is to focus solely on the Koran. The Christian Bible (particularly the Old Testament) is of at least equally dubious morality, describing as it does a vengeful God, child sacrifice, blatant racism and sexism, and a host of other niceties that hardly conform to the average Christian's modern aspirations. It is not Islam that is the problem. It is religion in any form. The sooner we accept that reality, the sooner we can heal the divisions that religion has caused for millennia.
  • Richard posted:

    on 25th January 2008, 00:06:19 - Reply

    It is very frightening to think that foreign politicians who exist outside of the Dutch government's jurisdiction could successfully have Geert Wilders tried, convicted, and imprisoned for making a movie that offends them.

    Just as frightening is that it is almost a certainty that Wilders will face criminal charges brought forth from non-muslim Dutch government officials.

    Has anyone ever wondered why Western liberal elites who eschew closemindedness from white people or minority conservatives, but embrace it when it is being espoused by muslims?

    Some how, the Left has taken over Europe, and for some reason that defies reason itself, it is fueling the vehicle for its own destruction.

    They want to imprison Wilders for saying that islam commands muslims to wage war on non-muslims.

    Yet, they call it free speech when a muslim says the exact same thing and encourages other muslims to do so.

  • jsobieski posted:

    on 24th January 2008, 23:01:52 - Reply

    'Wilders is a racist...his comments are not aimed at a race'
    Oh pleeease!! What a bunch of retards!
    And, by the way, there is no social cohesion. That's self-deception.What there really is for anyone with the courage and honesty to look are two parallel societies, Non-Muslim and Muslim...and this rift, indeed abyss, is created by and constantly widened not by Wilders ( that's just silly Leftist propaganda) but by Islamic supremacism and separatism.
  • Jon Reykdalin posted:

    on 24th January 2008, 19:23:50 - Reply

    Wilders is a destructive element in Dutch society.

    Either the State safeguards internal security regarding social cohesion or it doesn't.

    The 'ruling' coalition can't keep its head in the sand forever...