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De Telegraaf, ABN Amro customers threaten to change banks

De Telegraaf

ABN Amro customers threaten to change banks

Thousands of ABN Amro account holders are threatening to change banks. They think the proposed billion euro takeover by other banks could be risky and costly for private and commercial clients. They are displeased that the bank has not said anything about how the takeover could affect customers.

AIVD was watching Wilders

The General Intelligence and Security Service AIVD had Geert Wilders under surveillance for several years as he visited the Israeli embassy in The Hague. The secret service kept tabs on Wilders' visits to the embassy and how long he spent there.

De Volkskrant

Principle parts of EU constitution to remain intact

The cabinet wants to implement the most important components of the rejected European Constitution. The Christian democrat CDA, Liberal VVD and Socialist SP say this can be gathered from the cabinet's proposals for amendments to the existing European treaties. The 'engine' of the constitution will remain intact, MPs from these parties conclude.

Doubts about clamp down on youth drinking

Parliament sees little point in raising the drinking age for beer, wine and alcopops to 18. Labour PvdA Minister for Home Affairs Guusje ter Horst proposed this measure on Tuesday. Nor is there any support in Parliament for a ban on the sale of alcohol in supermarkets.


New ear-phones cause ear damage

Police officers run serious risks from new ear-phones in use for contacting colleagues and the communications centre. Research carried out at one of the forces by the Netherlands Police Union shows that dozens of workers have contracted ear infections, dented ear drums and irritations.

Bos reassures ABN clients

ABN Amro customers do not need to worry about the merger commotion surrounding "their" bank, Finance Minister Wouter Bos has personally assured them. "No one has to worry about their savings," Bos said firmly on Tuesday after a meeting in Brussels.


More money needed for free school books

Schools don't think the cabinet is setting enough money aside to provide students free school books. The quality of education could be compromised as a result. The EUR 308 per student that the government has set aside is too low, says a small minority of schools (53 percent).

Service clubs give ten million a year

Groups like the Rotary and Lions clubs raise at least EUR 10 million a year for charity. Researchers think this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Bos demands details from consortium

Finance Minister Wouter Bos has called on the consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Fortis to "provide full clarification" as soon as possible on its bid on ABN Amro. Bos said this on the sidelines of a meeting of the EU finance ministers in Brussels on Tuesday.

Employers willing to make a gesture

Employers are willing to give a large group of long-term unemployed people a job on condition that trade unions are willing to support more lenient legislation for dismissals. Reliable sources close to the negotiations between cabinet, social partners and cities have reported this. Employers' organisation VNO-NCW is hoping this "generous gesture" will get dismissal legislation back on the agenda.

Nederlands Dagblad

60 cases of alcohol poisoning among youth this year

60 under-18s have already been admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning in the first quarter of this year, says Nico van der Lely, paediatrician at the Reinier de Graaf facility in Delft. With the help of doctors throughout the country he has been keeping track of alcohol-related hospital admissions of young people since the beginning of this year.

De Pers

"Bos spoke too soon about merger"

Liberal VVD and Green-left GroenLinks MPs think that Finance Minister Wouter Bos expressed his preference for a merger of ABN Amro and Barclays too soon. They refer to a statement from Bos on 23 April. The agreement between Barclays and ABN Amro was announced on that date. Bos said at the time to NOS Journaal: "If this goes ahead, we will have a very large bank with a significant Dutch component, and that is also something to be proud of."

Millions "lost" in Wester mosque project

Fatih Ücler Dag, chairman of Milli Görüs Amsterdam, says that about EUR 5 million "disappeared" while his predecessor was in charge. The construction of the Wester mosque will be affected as a result. "If necessary we will have to turn to a sheikh in the Emirates."

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