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AD, Homecare also sidesteps law


Homecare also sidesteps law

A homecare organisation from Meerssen is also offering clients healthcare during vacations abroad. The organisation is consciously flouting regulations that ban the provision of healthcare abroad, healthcare that is provided at taxpayers expense. The AD reported on Monday that the organisation RIAGG Rijnmond was doing the same.

Fuss over ant-ram poles is 'ridiculous'

Dutch shopkeepers — joined together in the retailers association Detailhandel Nederland — lost EUR 7.5 million last year to smash and grab robbers who use a car to crash into a shop front. But many municipalities refuse permission for shops to use anti-ram poles despite the fact they would prevent such crimes.

And this could be July — it is just getting warmer

It is becoming increasingly warmer in the Netherlands. Meteorologist Harry Otten believes that current climatic problems can be resolved, but drastic measures need to be taken.


Psychiatrists distance themselves from 'pill farmers'

Psychiatrists want to distance themselves from the pharmaceutical industry. The statement was made by the Dutch psychiatry association (NVvP) in response to worsening criticism over the close links the sector holds with drug manufacturers.

Nederlands Dagblad

CNV 'must return to Christian roots'

The Christian trade union confederation CNV should dare to again speak out about the value of faith. "The time is over that you believe on Sunday and then on Monday continue with your business," the chairman of CNV youth section, Klaas Pieter Derks, said.

EUR 4m extra for social workers

Minister Rita Verdonk (youth welfare) wants to invest an extra EUR 4 million for social workers who act as family guardians. The money is intended to reduce the workload of family guardians who supervise problem families. The sector has attracted widespread criticism of late for the deaths of children under guardianship.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Dismissal lawyer costs tax deductible

The costs of a lawyer employed by dismissed workers should become tax deductible for employees again, the attorney-general of the Supreme Court has said in an important advisory ruling over five cases.

Trade unions want national jobs plan

The trade union confederations CNV and FNV want to enter into job creation agreements with employers and the government in coming years. The confederations want to assist more people to find a job than in the previous term of government.

De Telegraaf

Holleeder breaks his silence

Suspected crime boss Willem Holleeder has given a statement for the first time, responding to allegations that he blackmailed and murdered business leaders. In the new TROS television programme, Holleeder speaks from his Vught prison cell, indicating that he will deny allegations he is a blackmailer and a murderer.

Large-scale dismissal of sick workers

Employers are sacking en masse their sick workers. More than 50 percent of workers who become 35 percent or less incapacitated no longer have their jobs after two years. Some 62 percent of this group are fired.

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