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De Telegraaf , Passengers Furious at NS

De Telegraaf

Passengers Furious at NS

Train passengers are furious at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) for the chaotic changes to the train schedule during yesterday’s snowfall.


“Child abusers hardly ever prosecuted”

Child abusers must be prosecuted on a more regular basis.

CNV not pleased with Wientjes

Trade union confederation CNV has complained that employers’ union chairman Bernard Wientjes has torpedoed the government’s plans to revive the ‘polder model’ (consensus model in which government consults with employers and unions) before the coalition has even had a chance to invite the social partners to the negotiating table.

de Volkskrant

EU proposes common fines for environmental offences

Today the European Union will suggest introducing a unified type fine for all misdemeanours against the environment across the EU.


More Speeding Tickets in Residential Areas

The police manage to monitor the residential areas with a speed limit of 30 km better than the rest. Last year they issued 27,000 speeding tickets within such areas. That is just the beginning, the police say.

Most Men Afraid to Drive in Snow

Two thirds of men confess they are afraid to drive in the snow. Among women drivers, two percent admitted to experience anxiety behind the wheel throughout the whole winter.

Nederlands Dagblad

Radical Imams in the Netherlands

There are up to twenty radical Muslim imams preaching to youngsters in the Netherlands. They preach a non-violent form of Salafism, a conservative branch of Islam.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Unilever Puts Competitors to a Test

Unilever has pleasantly surprised its investors with turnover growth in 2006, exceptional in the Netherlands in comparison to other European countries. Equally exceptional was the rise in profits. Every stock delivered a 3 percent profit yesterday.

De Pers

“In Belgium it was snowing too, but the trains were running”

The Netherlands finally got some snow yesterday. That immediately led to problems. Many trains were cancelled. Meanwhile, in neighbouring Belgium the trains continued running on schedule.

Wednesday evening the NS and ProRail chose to adapt their schedules to the weather alert issued by the Dutch meteorological institute KNMI.

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