Morning newspapers – 8 May 2007

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De Telegraaf, Holleeder and only one other suspect in custody

De Telegraaf

Holleeder and only one other suspect in custody

The other suspects standing trial together with crime boss Willem Holleeder have been released pending the continuation of hearings in September. Willem Holleeder and Paja M., presumably a kingpin in the Yugoslavian mafia, are the only two who remain in pre-trial custody.

Questions about appointment of Oudkerk

Faculty and students of the Haagse Hogeschool are extremely unhappy at the appointment of former Amsterdam alderman and PvdA MP Rob Oudkerk as a lecturer at the school. Instructor Paul Wouters has written a letter to director Pim Breebaart in Atrium, the university newspaper protesting the appointment. Oudkerk had to resign his position in Amsterdam because of visits to illegal prostitutes.

De Volkskrant

"Ban alcohol under 18"

Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst (Labour PvdA) wants to raise the legal drinking age for beer, wine and alcopops to 18. Young people are currently able to buy "weak" alcoholic drinks from the age of 16. She also says banning the sale of weak alcoholic drinks from supermarkets "could be a good idea."

Parliament annoyed at Kamp's failure to inform on Iraq

Parliament would have liked to have been informed of a shooting possibly involving fatalities in Iraq in 2003 on the eve of the decision to extend the mission. MPs are not pleased to learn that Defence Minister Henk Kamp failed to inform them. He called neither a debate nor a confidential briefing to inform Parliament of the incident.


Employer liable for trauma after injury

People in dangerous professions who are unable to work because of post-traumatic stress syndrome should be able to claim damages from their employer, according to a Utrecht court ruling in the case of a former train engineer for the Dutch railways.

"Sexual relations between therapist and patient not uncommon"

Sexual relations between psychiatric patients and their carers are a matter of course at the Van Mesdag clinic in Groningen, according to lawyer Niek Heidanus. The attorney has filed complaints on behalf of several patients at the clinic.


Assistance doesn't always end up at disadvantaged schools

Money for pupils who are lagging behind does not always end up in the right place. Even a chic Amsterdam gymnasium is now being considered a disadvantaged school.

Het Financieele Dagblad

FNV urges for strengthening of pension sector

The cabinet, pension funds, banking sector, insurers and social partners must join forces to put Amsterdam on the map as a financial centre once again. Chairperson of trade union confederation FNV Agnes Jongerius said this today during a talk in Oegstgeest. Jongerius in particular wants to focus on keeping pension funds in the Netherlands. "We need a concrete action plan to strengthen the Dutch assets management sector."

ABN Amro rejects higher bid on LaSalle

ABN Amro has rejected the bid on US subsidiary LaSalle from the consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis and Santander. ABN Amro says the bid of USD 24.5 billion is not superior to a bid of USD 21 billion from Bank of America because the consortium has not yet found the financing to back up the bid. The bid also depends on the sale of ABN Amro as a whole.

Nederlands Dagblad

Cramer wants to replace windmills

Minister for the Environment Cramer wants to double the production of wind energy on the mainland from 1,500 to 3,000 megawatts. In order to achieve this she wants to replace existing windmills with much larger ones that generate more power.

Measures against extreme heat in nursing homes

Nursing and convalescent homes must make more of an effort to protect residents from the effects of an extremely hot summer.

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