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All the morning papers covered the elections for the Provincial States.

All the morning papers covered the elections for the Provincial States.

AD/Haagsche Courant

One tragedy seems to provoke another

Is it just coincidence? Or was the media coverage of the Belgian tragedy in Nijvel, in which a mother killed her five children, the deciding push that nudged Eric K. over the edge into killing his wife and two children?

Utrecht beats Friesland in race for first lapwing egg

The race to find the first lapwing egg was won yesterday, as in 2005, by the province of Utrecht. The first speckled egg of the season was found at about quarter past eight in the morning in a pasture near the university centre De Uithof.

de Volkskrant

Young motherhood hinders career

The slogan "A smart girl has kids on time" stems from 1991, but the Netherlands is still a leader when it comes to older first-time mothers.

Breda changes parking garage into harbour

Alderman Kees Schoenmakers (77) still remembers the old harbour in Breda. "There were many complaints from residents about the stink, rats and other vermin."


Leiden votes against light-rail route

Leiden residents were also voting in a referendum on Wednesday. The town voted overwhelmingly against (68.9 percent) the proposed light-rail connection between Gouda, Gouda, Alphen aan de Rijn and Leiden.

Young women more educated than men

For the first time ever young women in the Netherlands are more highly educated than their male peers.

De Telegraaf

Extra money from municipality

Citizens are still entitled to the extra 45 euro per household that Zalm introduced during his time in office, even though municipalities scrapped this with retroactive effect in 2005. The court in Arnhem decided this. The ruling, which applies for anyone who objects to the scrapping of the extra money, could cost the treasury at least 100 million euro, tax experts estimate.

Road workers less often the victim of violence

Physical violence against road workers seems to be decreasing, despite the record number of road works. This emerged from the preliminary results of a large-scale survey among these workers.

Het Financieele Dagblad

"Power couple" on the rise

The "power couple" or "elite couple" is on the rise in the Netherlands. Highly educated couples who feel they can take on the world will play an important role in Dutch society.

This is what professor of demography, Jan Latten, also affiliated with Statistics Netherlands, says. He came to this conclusion because of the strong rise in higher education among women.

ABN Amro under siege from hedge fund

ABN Amro has come under fire from another hedge fund. British investor Tosca has written a letter to ABN Amro after the example of The Children's Investment Fund (TCI), insisting that the bank may not conduct any more large acquisitions. Tosca says ABN Amro must also start looking for a partner that can bring out a bid on the bank.

Utrecht construction project begins

The poffertjes snackbar on the Vredenburg in Utrecht is going to be knocked down and trees on the square will be felled. After 20 years of discussion and planning the "Action plan Utrecht Station area" will finally begin.

Nederlands Dagblad

Reformed churches meet again

The European Conference of Reformed Churches, which met this week in Soest, should schedule a second conference, say the organisers.

De Pers

University wants to attract ethnic minorities

The Twente University is going to organise an event at the end of June for ethnic minority students in senior secondary vocational education (MBO) to spend a week on campus. The university hopes this can help encourage them to continue in further education.

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