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AD, RIAGG active in Morocco


RIAGG active in Morocco

Mental health bureau RIAGG Rijnmond is still giving psychiatric assistance to holiday makers in Morocco despite a ban imposed in 2004. A homecare organisation is even planning to send nurses to the Rif mountains to help immigrant clients. This is despite the fact Health Minister Hans Hoogervorst had wanted to prevent this kind of 'healthcare abroad' — which is funded by taxpayers — three years ago when criticism first emerged.

De Volkskrant

Priase for Lucky Dutch in Uruzgan

Dutch tactics in Uruzgan have sparked the interest of NATO allies in Afghanistan that have already suffered casualties. NATO allies are questioning whether the Lucky Dutch are perhaps operating more intelligently and are therefore recording better results. But in contrast, Dutch attempts to negotiate with Taliban leaders have also raised concerns.


Europe struggles with mosque funding

The number of mosques in Europe is vastly inadequate to meet the Islamic population's needs. The problem is usually a lack of funding, but governments cannot assist due to the constitutional separation of powers between church and state. But that principle is being placed up for discussion by politicians who want to stimulate the integration of Muslims with mosques. Italy is considering the idea of funding new mosques to hold out extremist investors from abroad.

Nederlands Dagblad

Trial over professional confidentiality of doctors

The Erasmus Medisch Centrum has launched a precedent-setting legal battle over the professional confidentiality of doctors. According to the public prosecution office, the principle of confidentially becomes invalid when a doctor is accused of malpractice by the surviving relatives of a patient.

Far-right EU Parliament faction

Far-right parties are working to establish a new faction in the European Parliament. Besides the Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang), the French party Front National, the Austrian FPO, the Great Romanian party and Bulgaria's Ataka are to be included in the new faction.

De Telegraaf

Call to restrict Russia's gas power

Europe must take up the fight and make itself less dependent on large gas and oil countries such as Russia. Moreover, the EU is at threat of becoming deadlocked both environmentally and economically if the 27 member states do not radically adjust their energy policies.

Rare ferns in Utrecht sewer

The sewers underneath Utrecht's pavements are a perfect breeding ground for a number of rare plants and mosses. There are at least six rare ferns growing in the sewers that are included on the Red List of threatened plant species. The claims were made by Wim Vuik, from the flora research foundation Floristisch Onderzoek Nederland (FLORAN).

Het Financieele Dagblad

Solving traffic jams to cost millions of euros extra

Solving traffic jams in the Netherlands will cost an extra EUR 400 million in coming years. Only with the additional investment will several urgent roadway projects meet air quality regulations. The warning was issued by Jan Hendrik Dronkers, the director of the Transport Ministry's Roads and Traffic Safety department.

John de Mol buys 5pc of Endemol

Investment firm Cyrte from media tycoon John de Mol has bought a 5.15 percent stake in media production company Endemol. The stake — which Cyrte has reported to the Financial Markets Authority — guarantees De Mol a seat at the negotiating table if Telefónica wants to take Endemol off the stock market and sell it.

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