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De Telegraaf, Rutte afraid to throw Verdonk out

De Telegraaf

Rutte afraid to throw Verdonk out

Liberal VVD leader Mark Rutte does not dare take a hard stance against rival Rita Verdonk for fear of a split in the party. Insiders in the liberal camp have said this after the most recent crisis in the party.

Gert-Jan Dröge (64) dies

Television personality Gert-Jan Dröge (64) passed away on Tuesday surrounded by his loved ones at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam. His passing has come as a blow to the showbiz world.


Riagg may continue to help patients in Morocco

The Rotterdam regional mental health agency Riagg may continue to send healthcare workers abroad to provide psychiatric care to patients on holiday in Morocco. A study by the Dutch Healthcare Authority shows that the Riagg is not breaking the law by doing so.

Most accidents in June

June generally has the highest number of car accidents of any month. Although the number of traffic fatalities has fallen over the past few years, June unfortunately doesn't seem to follow the trend, according to the statistics.

de Volkskrant

30 million hits on YouTube

Dutch 18-year-old YouTube sensation Esmée Denters has become the first artist to sign with Justin Timberlake's new record label.


Milli Görüs asked for support to fend off coup

Amsterdam paid two million euro too much to Milli Görüs. This helped temporarily prevent a more conservative Islamic group from Germany from taking over the organisation. The AIVD knew as far back as 2003 that the Milli Görüs headquarters in Cologne was trying to take power of the organisation.

BNN show spurs donor applications in Scandinavia

BNN's "Big Donor Show" led to a remarkable increase in the number of organ donors in Scandinavia. Almost 2,000 people registered as donors in response to media coverage of the show.

Financieele dagblad

Regional energy market from 2009

The energy ministers of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg signed an agreement today to link the countries' energy markets as of 1 January 2009. This will create the so-called Northwestern Europe power market.

De Pers

Liberals continue to argue

The Liberal VVD puts on a brave front, but there is deep division within the party. Rita Verdonk's recent comments laid the weakness of Mark Rutte's leadership painfully bare.

Nederlands Dagblad

Insurers continue to sponsor Lourdes pilgrimages

Health insurers CZ and VGZ have no plans to scrap their partial coverage of pilgrimages to Lourdes for disabled and critically ill people. Earlier this week liberal VVD MP Edith Schippers called on these companies, which originally had Roman-Catholic affiliations, to stop this partial coverage.

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