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De Telegraaf, 'Another murder' by UN veteran

De Telegraaf

'Another murder' by UN veteran

Another UN veteran with psychological problems has allegedly committed a gruesome murder. Gerard O., 34 — who was arrested for the stabbing of his former girlfriend Nadine Beemsterboer in Amsterdam Slotervaart last Saturday — once served as a United Nations peacekeeper.

Left-wing wants answers over halt to expulsions

The left-wing opposition parties are dissatisfied with the reaction from the Cabinet over the parliamentary motion demanding a general amnesty for asylum seekers who have been in the country for five years or more. Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk sent a letter to the Parliament on Tuesday saying the motion cannot be carried out and will have undesirable effects.

Comparing health insurance policies profitable

Consumers appear to be tired of insurance debates and are not examining their healthcare insurance well enough. This is "pity", according to Derk Pas from the, because you could quickly save yourself EUR 100 per year.

De Volkskrant

Opposition committed to asylum seeker motion

The opposition parties have rejected the letter in which the Cabinet described their proposal to impose a temporary halt on deportations as being "not feasible". Labour PvdA, Socialist SP, green-left GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, Democrat D66 and the Party for the Animals PvdD are still demanding that the Cabinet carry out its motion because it was passed by a parliamentary majority. It is not yet certain whether an emergency debate will be held on Wednesday about the issue.

Rental sector not yet liberalised

The extra increases in rent that would have affected 25 percent of renters in coming years are as good as dead in the water. The Senate has labelled the contentious legislation aimed at liberalising the rental market as officially "controversial". The new Cabinet will now have to re-examine the issue. The rental legislation was to take effect on 1 January. From that date, a quarter of all rental contracts would have been allowed to rise by 4 percent more than inflation. In 2010, these rentals with a high WOZ property value would be liberalized and landlords would be able to demand any rental price as long as a sufficient number of houses are built.


Design fault in RandstadRail

The recent derailments on the RandstadRail were caused by a design fault in the rails. The problems with the EUR 1.8 billion light-rail network between The Hague and Rotterdam and Zoetermeer could have been prevented by computer simulations, post-construction inspections and sufficient testing.


Islamic school 'must close'

The Islamitisch College Amsterdam is threatened with closure amid allegations it is funding extremist organisations abroad. Education Minister Maria van der Hoeven indicated in a debate with MPs on Tuesday that "all indications" around the school are currently on red.

Earning more than a minister

The Netherlands had 1,080 public servants and semi-public officials last year who earned more than the average minister's salary of EUR 158,000 euro. The revelations were included in the first ministerial report over top incomes in (semi-)government organisations.

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