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AD, Presents for drivers who are willing to avoid the traffic jams


Presents for drivers who are willing to avoid the traffic jams

Next year 30,000 car drivers will be showered with presents intended to make them avoid the morning traffic jams on the A12 and A13. If they do not make use of the motorway between 7.00 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. they can earn a sum of money or gadgets such as a hand-computer with travel information.

Dogs and cats can get radiation treatment for EUR 2700

Owners of dogs and cats suffering from cancer can have their pets treated with radio therapy from next year on. The faculty of veterinary medicine in Utrecht is the first to have a radio therapeutic centre for pets.

Het Financieele Dagblad

IT projects leads to financial crisis at Samas

Samas, supplier of office furniture, will need to issue new shares as the company has been financially hard hit following an IT project. The company could not indicate when the problems will be resolved.

Investors negative about Ahold’s plan to bid for Hema

Analysts and investors responded negatively on Thursday to the news that Ahold is preparing to bid for Hema, as Het Financieele Dagblad reported on Thursday. The share price dropped by 2 percent and eventually closed at 1.5 percent lower than on Wednesday. ING analyst John David Roeg feels that Ahold shareholders are not pleased with the takeover plans.

Nederlands Dagblad

ChristenUnie: COC ‘playing with fire’

ChristenUnie faction leader Arie Slob feels that the COC, an organisation representing the interests of homosexuals, is “playing with fire” with respect to the issue of wedding ceremony officials who have conscientious objections to same sex marriages. “If this situation continues, the government will need to take initiatives. It can then no longer be ruled out that the officials who have conscientious objections will be protected by the law.” 

EO cancels Van Agt’s presentation of viewpoint on Israel 

The fierce attacks on Israel voiced by the former prime minister and prominent CDA party member Dries van Agt have led to a noteworthy decision by broadcaster EO. A presentation that Van Agt was asked to give to mark the 40th anniversary of broadcaster EO has been cancelled on these grounds.


‘Heavy. Real heavy, man! That wall is just ridiculous’

 The security wall between Israel and the Palestinian Territory has become a tourist attraction. Rapper Ali. B had been invited on Thursday by the United Civilians for Peace and the Dutch-Palestinian organisation Tuliplives. 

Women’s secrets in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has taken pity on the women in his country. But it seems that for the moment bureaucracy has its own agenda. On the one hand relatively many women are playing a leading role in the Saudi business sector and on the other hand unemployment among women is high.

De Pers

No dialogue without involving the people

Balkenende’s IV government is set to use the first one hundred days to enter into a proper dialogue with the citizens. But it is more like a dialogue about citizens.

After almost fifty days the dialogue seems already to have failed.

The hunt for the Suiker tapes

Influential “clients” have their eyes on the memoirs and telephone tapes of Simon Suiker. Some have even visited the home of astrologist Suiker who died this week. Suiker drew up the horoscope of people like Nina Brink, Willem Holleeder and Ruud Gullit. In the last few years of his life he recorded the telephone conversations he had with his clients. 

De Telegraaf

Gang-world killings almost solved 

Police and the public prosecution department are about to clear up a series of controversial killings in the underworld. To this end the public prosecution department has concluded a deal with a government witness.

Alarm message on every mobile telephone

Every mobile telephone owner will be informed via a text message in the case of a disaster or crisis in the vicinity.

Trials with so-called cell broadcasts are so successful that Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst has decided to implement the system throughout The Netherlands. This is noted in a letter she will send to Parliament today.


The OM has government witness in killings

A government witness who is held in custody by the public prosecution department is willing to make statements about more than ten assassinations and attempted killings in the Amsterdam criminal world in exchange for a reduction in the person’s sentence. It is not yet clear whether the statements will have an effect on the criminal case against Willem Holleeder.

Religious canon in 25 windows

Religious historian Willem der Meiden has, at the request of the ecumenical opinion magazine Volzin, drawn up a religious canon of 25 'windows' or item groupings. The magazine will publish the results today Friday. The canon opens with the death of Saint Sevatius in 384 and ends with the current situation in which three protestant churches have merged.  

De Volkskrant

Government to postpone compulsory introduction of “new learning”

The compulsory implementation in 2008 of “new” competence-based learning at vocational colleges has been postponed. The reason for the postponement is the large number of students’ complaints. The implementation will be postponed for two years, until 1 August 2010, in order to give schools the time to get the new learning methods off the ground. 

The Sopranos brand

The US will shortly broadcast the latest Sopranos serials.

The TV serial about the American mafia family became an unprecedented success, much to the regret of the Americans of Italian descent. The Sopranos have become part of daily life. But will Tony survive in the last serial? 

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