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AD/Haagsche Courant, Car inspection after four years

AD/Haagsche Courant

Car inspection after four years

New cars do not need to undergo annual APK inspection until they are four years old. They are subject to inspection only every other year from that point until they are eight years old. After eight years they need to undergo annual inspection.

Shooting suspect a criminal undergoing psychiatric treatment

A 29-year-old man sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment by the court is suspected of killing a 44-year-old woman and wounding four others in a shooting in Enschede on Sunday morning. The man was in the final phase of his treatment.

de Volkskrant

Dodgy financial practices at Milli Görüs

Former sympathisers of the Turkish mosque foundation Milli Görüs have filed a complaint against a building permit for the Wester mosque in Amsterdam They accuse the mosque leadership of being involved in practices involving illegal money and embezzlement.

Investigation into Labour PvdA MP

PvdA faction leader Jacques Tichelaar will commission an investigation into whether his party colleague Khadija Arib's consultancy work in Morocco has a negative influence on her membership in Parliament.


"Giving up a child affects you the rest of your life"

Giving up a newborn remains traumatic for the rest of a woman's life, say women who have been through the experience. The new government has decided to give women coping with unwanted pregnancy more information on "alternatives to abortion," at the insistence of the ChristenUnie.


Man sentenced to psychiatric treatment opens fire

A 29-year-old Enschede man sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment by the court opened fire on people leaving entertainment establishments in the early hours on Sunday. A 44-year-old woman was killed.

Car thief alive in boot

A salvage company in Limburg found a 28-year-old German man from Balve in the trunk of a stolen car. He had been hiding there for five days in fear of the police.

Het Financieele Dagblad

"Multinational should be tougher in China"

Dutch multinationals in China must devote more attention to the rights of workers at their own locations and at suppliers in the country, trade union confederation FNV leader Henk van der Kolk argued on Saturday.

Leaseproces and Dexia bank opposite reactions

Dexia Bank and Leaseproces responded with entirely opposite reactions to the two new share-lease cases at the Amsterdam court.
The court decided last Thursday that Dexia would have to pay back share-lease products clients' investments and forgive remaining debt since its partner's signature was missing from the contract.

"Investigation into Iraq still needed"

Prospective Labour PvdA senator Klaas de Vries said ahead of Wednesday's provincial elections that he would vote in favour of an investigation into the Dutch political support for the military action in Iraq in the senate. "The issue here is accountability."

Nederlands Dagblad

Still no Catholic candidates for CU/SGP in Noord-Brabant

In the province of Limburg there are Roman Catholics at numbers three and four on the ChristenUnie's candidate list. In the province Noord-Brabant there are very few southerners on the ChristenUnie/SGP candidate list, and no Roman Catholics whatsoever.

CDA: EU regulations should not stop sporting events

Christian democrat CDA MP Joop Atsma says that protecting nature should not result in the disappearance of large sporting events like the Elfstedentocht (Eleven city ice-skating race), the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (Nijmegen four-day walking marathon), or the Amstel Gold Race.

De Pers

No shortage of volunteers

It is "outright untrue" that the interest in volunteer work is waning in the Netherlands. There are enough volunteers but they are not being treated properly.

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