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Every morning newspaper headlined with the coalition government talks in Beetsterzwaag in the province of Friesland.

Every morning newspaper headlined with the coalition government talks in Beetsterzwaag in the province of Friesland.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Obligatory care for problem students

Schools must be obligated to care for problem youths in a bid to prevent thousands of students with learning or behavioural problems spending months at home or missing out on suitable education. The new regulations might come into force from the start of the new school year. The Education Ministry held talks with school and parent organisations on Thursday.

De Volkskrant

OM: evidence against Holleeder complete

Based on various witness statements, the public prosecution office (OM) claims it has gathered sufficient evidence to prove that Willem Holleeder is guilty of blackmailing four real estate magnates, including the later murdered Willem Endstra.


Fish to become a luxury product

The consumer knows it: the popular sole and flounder will become exclusive fish as prices rise due to catch restrictions. Fish bred in captivity will offer no alternative either.

New Year's Eve was nice and quiet, right?

It was relatively quiet in the police region Haaglanden on New Year's Eve, police said in a press statement on 2 January. And a spokesman has reiterated that message despite the 150 arrests, 50 torched cars, deployment of riot police and violence against police officers.

Het Financieele Dagblad

EUR 8.5bn black money in Belgium

Dutch nationals have EUR 8.5 billion black money hidden in Belgian savings and stock accounts. After Luxembourg, Belgium is the most popular country for Dutch residents to avoid tax payments. Like Switzerland and Luxembourg, Belgian banks don't have to give data to foreign tax offices.

De Telegraaf

SP lets our soldiers down in Uruzgan

Socialist SP MP Krista van Velzen has decided against visiting Dutch troops in the Afghan province of Uruzgan (a visit arranged by the Defence Ministry) to instead protest outside a Scottish atomic base.

Freezer full of dead cats

As many as 33 dead cats in plastic bags were found in a freezer and fridge in an old stable on the Polderweg in Schiedam on Thursday afternoon. There were also 41 badly neglected, but alive, cats found at the cat shelter.

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