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De Telegraaf, Mutiny among municipalities

De Telegraaf

Mutiny among municipalities

An enormous argument has broken out within the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) about the plan to cut the number of municipalities in exchange for more powers on the local level. A group of angry municipal council members has demanded the resignation of VNG chairman Ralph Pans if he does not withdraw the proposal. The group that wants to see him go consists of about 80 CDA municipal council members from 9 municipalities in Limburg.

"Netherlands called off air support in Srebrenica"

The Netherlands itself stopped air support to the Dutch UN troops who were under fire in Srebrenica in 1995. As a result The Bosnian-Serb troops were able to take prisoner and massacre eight to ten thousand Muslims. The two lawyers Axel Hagedorn and Marco Gerritsen are bringing these charges against the Netherlands and the UN in court in The Hague today.

De Volkskrant

Recommendation to store CO2 in Slochteren

The Netherlands should store its and Germany's emissions of greenhouse gas CO2 in empty Dutch gas fields. An international system of pipelines will have to be laid for this.

PvdA wants explanation of role of informant

The Labour PvdA and green-left GroenLinks want clarification on how police informants were dealt with in the investigations into the killings in Amsterdam crime circles. At the end of last week it was announced that two men acting as police informants were at the same time involved in murders in the Amsterdam underworld.


"Schools should stop programmes that are not promising"

Schools offering vocational education should put a stop to programmes that offer little prospect of a job after graduation. Hans Nieukerke, chairman of the MO group, the sector organisation for businesses in youth welfare and childcare, has made this recommendation. Many students currently choose programmes that focus on theory, while there is a demand for workers with practical training.

New high security courthouse in the works

A new high security courthouse is being planned. The high security facility in Amsterdam-Osdorp, often referred to as the 'Bunker', no longer satisfies requirements.


Billions wasted on computerisation

The government pays billions of euro each year for computerisation systems that do not work properly or are never put into operation. The Dutch government spends four to five billion euro each year on partially or largely failed computerisation projects.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Capital remains in business for five years

Investors that buy up businesses must remain involved in the company for five years on average. This is contained in a code of conduct presented by the Netherlands Association of Participation Companies (NVP) today. After the call from unions and politicians to impose more regulations on private equity firms, the umbrella organisation took action. Anyone who violates the code can be expelled from the organisation.

Nederlands Dagblad

Balkenende: the opposition can learn from the CDA

The opposition can learn from the Christian democrat CDA, says Jan Peter Balkenende. Even though things are going well, the party must stay up to date. The new CDA chairman Peter van Heeswijk has an idea: involve young people by giving them more responsibility.

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