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AD, Breast reconstruction too expensive


Breast reconstruction too expensive

The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam has announced that it will not perform any more reconstructive breast surgery for the time being. Dozens of women from throughout the country will no longer be able to get reconstructive surgery there in the coming years. The women affected are those who have undergone breast amputations because of cancer or the threat of cancer.

"Compulsory dismissals are unacceptable"

Postal company TNT has put the trade unions in a tough spot. If they cooperate with a draconian reorganisation "only" 6,500 to 7,000 jobs will disappear. If unions and works councils do not cooperate, 11,000 jobs could go.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Eureko wants merger with Rabobank before end of year

Insurance company Eureko is striving to complete a full merger with Rabobank by the end of this year. The two parties are in intensive talks at the moment. The new combination would yield the second largest financial group in the Netherlands.

Noord-Holland opposes EssentNuon merger

The province of Noord-Holland, a shareholder in Nuon, is opposed to the company's merger with fellow energy company Essent. "As shareholders we have set a few tough conditions and questions about that. We have not received satisfactory answers," says Albert Moens of the provincial executive of Noord-Holland.

Nederlands Dagblad

OM opposes anonymous witnesses

The public prosecution department sees no need for the court to protect the anonymity of two witnesses called by Willem Holleeder's attorney, Jan-Hein Kuijpers. Kuijpers says the two can testify to real estate magnate Willem Endstra's part in a failed murder attack and blackmail of a business partner.

SP and CU left behind

To the great disappointment of Socialist Party SP and ChristenUnie – parties which gained in the provincial elections last month – the coalitions already in place in the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland, Christian democrat CDA, Labour PvdA and Liberal VVD have said they want to continue their existing coalitions in the provincial governments.


"Use your neighbour's DigiD"

File your taxes with the help of someone else's – for instance your neighbour's – digital signature (DigiD). This is the tax authority's advice to people who have lost their DidiD or who did not activate it on time.

De Telegraaf

Endstra was offered state secrets

Real estate magnate Willem Endstra, shot and killed in 2004, was given state secrets from the BVD (forerunner to the AIVD) just before his death. Endstra was told that he could gain access to more investigations by the secret service in exchange for payment to crime boss Mink K..

Commotion about bikini

A promotional poster showing a woman in a gold bikini has caused quite a stir in Utrecht. The ChristenUnie says it is pure discrimination to portray women as lust objects. The 200-square metre poster was to be put up on the Oudegracht on Friday near lingerie shop Hunkemöller.


Criticism of GroenLinks

Discussion on the political course taken by Green-left party GroenLinks has flared up once again. A group of about 250 party members published a manifesto on Tuesday voicing harsh criticism of the course the party has taken and the culture within the party.

de Volkskrant

Institution brings mentally handicapped back into group homes

The Twente Care Centres (TZC) are moving some 100 mentally handicapped individuals who have been living in normal neighbourhoods for 10 years back to their main facility. "Many of our clients are lonely. The plan to promote their integration into the neighbourhood was not very successful," says director of TZC Hans van der Molen.

Physicians should be cautious with cancer vaccination

The Netherlands Association of Physicians is advising its members to be cautious in providing cervical cancer vaccinations until the Health Council issues a recommendation.

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