Morning newspapers – 30 March 2007

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AD/Haagsche Courant, Fewer deaths on the road because of night-time transport

AD/Haagsche Courant

Fewer deaths on the road because of night-time transport

Shops that have supplies delivered at night help prevent dozens of fatalities and injuries on the roads each year and contribute to a reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution.

Three years for fatal kick

27-year-old amateur footballer from Ridderkerk Dennis B. was sentenced to 3 years in prison on Thursday, one suspended, by the court in Dordrecht for attempted manslaughter of opponent Jeffrey van der Gaag.

de Volkskrant

"PvdA marked by division"

The Labour party PvdA is being pulled apart by a new divide in society. Increasing polarisation between the well educated and the unskilled, and between those who are optimistic about the future and those who are pessimistic, is causing a split in Wouter Bos's party.


One in four Islamic schools substandard

The educational inspectorate wants to hold talks with Islamic primary schools. The schools are performing extremely poorly and that must change.

SGP wants Dutch leaders

The fundamentalist Christian party SGP does not like the fact that there are municipal council members and aldermen who do not hold Dutch nationality.

De Telegraaf

Eric O. angry at new accusations

Adjutant Eric O. says accusations that higher officers have manipulated marines into keeping quiet about the shooting incident in southern Iraq in 2003 are "bewildering and blatant lies." He also emphatically denied the accusation that he threatened a colleague. The adjutant, who is not allowed to talk to the press according to defence department regulations, said this via his lawyer.

Housing act unfortunate for DIYers

From 1 April homeowners will have to be able to demonstrate that jobs around the house and renovation projects have been professionally done and are in accordance with building regulations. They could be in for a hefty fine otherwise.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Architect presents design for Utrecht tower

"Five million people should be able to see this tower." These are not the words of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il but architect Branimir Medic, partner of the Amsterdam firm Cie Architects. Medic presented his design on Thursday for a high-rise tower that is planned for the Leidsche Rijn Centre, just west of Utrecht.

Commotion about exit bonuses at PCM

The editorial staff of the PCM newspaper publishers want to take action against those who are "filling their pockets" at the company. A meeting has been planned for 2 p.m. today with the editorial teams of all the papers, the works councils and the journalists' union NVJ.

Nederlands Dagblad

Climate change has positive effects too

The climate change could have positive effects for the Netherlands in the short term. A still confidential UN report states that Northern Europe can expect higher agricultural yields, more tourists and lower heating costs.

Parliament wants to ban neo-Nazis

Christian democrats CDA and Liberals VVD want to ban the Blood & Honour organisation. The group is the largest neo-Nazi network in the world, with branches in the US and throughout Europe.

De Pers

Parliament wants to dip into reserves

Parliament wants clarification from Finance Minister Wouter Bos on the "dead funds" in the public sector. A study by De Pers into the national government, provinces, municipalities, education, healthcare and public housing showed on Thursday that the collective sector has almost EUR 92 billion in reserves.

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