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All newspapers reported on the Holleeder trial.

All newspapers reported on the Holleeder trial.


Disposal contribution under fire

Dutch retailers say that the disposal fee consumers are charged when purchasing household appliances should be scrapped. They say that manufacturers charge unnecessarily high prices for appliances in order to cover the costs of recycling.

Travel sector obstinate about "stunt prices"

"Fly to Rome for one cent" or "19 cents to fly to Vienna" – these sorts of misleading advertisements which do not reflect the actual price of flights when taxes and fees are included have been banned in the Dutch travel sector since Sunday. But they could still be found on the websites of various airlines on Monday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Reform programmes for young criminals

The court may soon be able to sentence juvenile delinquents to mandatory reform programmes. A majority in Parliament supports the plan to introduce "behaviour measures" aimed at getting young delinquents back on the right track without sending them to prison.

Elderly in pain because of shoes that are too small

Many elderly nursing home residents have stopped walking because of foot pain caused by shoes that are too small. The problem must have been going on for some time, but it was just recently noticed during a survey at a nursing home in Groningen.


Smokers lit up more cigarettes in 2006

Smokers have started smoking more. The downward trend of the last 25 years seems to have come to an end in 2006. The Dutch smoked a total of 25 billion cigarettes in 2006, an increase of 1.5 percent. The number of smokers did not increase however.

de Volkskrant

Museum search for art confiscated before 1940

Dutch museums are looking for art that Jewish families were forced to hand over before World War II. The inventory focuses on acquisitions between 1933 and 1940. Jewish art dealers lost many pieces during that period as they fled or were evicted from their homes.

No promises to the US yet

US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has expressed the hope that the Netherlands will continue its military presence in Afghanistan, even after the current mission expires in August 2008. Rice met for the first time with Dutch Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen in Washington on Monday.

De Telegraaf

Rest for Máxima

Princess Máxima started her pregnancy leave on Monday. She had planned to attend a lecture from the holder of the Prince Claus chair at the university in Utrecht yesterday but had to cancel because of "fatigue."

Series of bizarre incidents

The attack on the high-security courthouse in Amsterdam on Monday was the most recent in a series of strange incidents since the arrest of Willem Holleeder in January 2006. The situation is being compared to that in South America, where high profile trials against drug barons are often accompanied by killings and bomb attacks.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Parliament critical of energy merger

A majority in Parliament is not pleased with the international ambitions of merger company EssentNuon. This puts the splitting of the energy companies back on the political agenda.

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