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AD, The cabinet must decide on dismissal resignation


The cabinet must decide on dismissal resignation

The cabinet itself will have to make a decision on relaxing dismissal legislation. This emerged on Wednesday after the employment summit at which the government talked with employers, workers and municipalities.

Tien stars head back to RTL

The television personalities at closing television station Tien who want to work at RTL Nederland might have to take a pay cut. RTL CEO Fons van Westerloo says he will not automatically be paying the top salaries John de Mol used to lure stars like Beau van Erven Dorens, Jack Spijkerman and Bridget Maasland away from RTL two years ago.

Het Financieele Dagblad

PGGM pressures companies into good behaviour

PGGM, the Netherlands' second largest pension fund, is going to make its investment policy entirely socially responsible. The criteria will be tightened up and businesses will be addressed directly on their activities.

Privacy violation by US worries Bos

Finance Minister Wouter Bos is going to call in the help of the European Commission to fight pressure exerted by the US government services on Dutch businesses. Bos and Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin have written this to Parliament.

Nederlands Dagblad

Schools don't manage the 1040 hours

Hardly any secondary schools have managed to teach enough classroom hours this school year, says the Secondary Education Council.

"Simonis put De Korte forward"

Cardinal Simonis himself has proposed that he be succeeded as archbishop by Utrecht monsignor Gerard de Korte (52). Insiders have reported this on condition of strict anonymity.

De Telegraaf

Disgust at "baby factory"

Adoption experts responded with disgust and incomprehension at the opening of a "baby factory" in Cameroon. WishChild Medicals Inc., the brainchild of Dutch businessman Martijn de Bree, allows couples who are unable to have a child, homosexual couples who want children, and women for whom a pregnancy does not fit it with their career to order a baby for EUR 50,000 to 70,000.

Van Westerloo happy with acquisition

"This is an excellent result, and the greatest gain is Radio 538," RTL boss Fons van Westerloo said looking back on the agreement reached with John de Mol. "I would have liked to start talking to the television personalities already but we had to keep this quiet until the announcement."


Academic of ethnic background more often unemployed

Not even an academic career can guarantee a job for ethnic minorities. If employers have a choice, they choose a native Dutch candidate. Almost 10 percent of university graduates of non-Western background is still unemployed 18 months after graduation. That is twice the unemployment rate among native Dutch graduates.

de Volkskrant

Quality mark doesn't guarantee good care

A quality hallmark does not guarantee good care. Hallmarked institutions that provide care for the elderly provide no better care than those that do not have this certificate. So requiring institutions to get this certificate will not necessarily lead to improvement in quality.

Gay Pride outraged at ban on street parties

The Gay Pride festival and the Amsterdam Tournament will be taking place at the same time this year. The police are not pleased and have asked that permits for street parties be restricted. The Liberal VVD faction of the Amsterdam Centrum district feels that the Gay Pride street parties must not be cancelled.
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