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Nederlands Dagblad, Middle incomes won't be hit

Nederlands Dagblad

Middle incomes won't be hit

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Wouter Bos says in an interview in the Nederlands Dagblad today that middle incomes need not fear that their purchasing power will be hurt in the coming years. The cabinet has measures planned to prevent this.

Reducing CO2 will cost more

The new government will only be able to achieve its environmental objectives if the public and businesses make drastic changes to their behaviour. The government, businesses and citizens will also have to put billions more into the environment.

Dagblad De Limburger

Economic reforms take shape

The modernisation of the economy in Limburg is starting to take shape. 29 projects are currently in progress throughout the province, involving a total investment of EUR 657 million.

Limburgs Dagblad

Alderman investigated

The national criminal investigation service has been instructed by the public prosecution department in Maastricht to investigate whether Alderman Hans Ubachs, of Onderbanken, threatened an external adviser to the Council of State.

Dagblad De Pers

Business on the agenda

A Dutch business delegation joins the queen's state visit to Turkey today. The Dutch have a lot of business interests in the country.

Criticism of Wellink

Politicians are starting to get involved in the battle over ABN Amro. Hedge funds TCI recently sent the bank a letter advising it would be worth more if the company were to split. Nout Wellink, president of the Nederlandsche Bank, says that TCI has gone "a bridge too far." Investors' Association VEB thinks Wellink should not take sides. Finance Minister Wouter Bos however wants to leave the discussion to the DNB, which acts as a regulator in the banking sector.


Youth psychiatrist overworked

Teenagers are being diagnosed with emotional problems at a younger age these days, but they are often not provided adequate help. Many of them turn to crime or drugs as a result.

Villa owners hire illegal Poles

Particularly owners of luxurious villas are hiring illegal Poles to do work at their homes. These are the first indications to emerge from a new ‘hotline' to tackle underhand practices in the construction business.


Moral judgement based on instinct

People's moral instinct is more highly developed than many think. People often make a quick decision between good and bad on instinct, and attempt to justify it rationally in retrospect.

De Volkskrant

Stock markets worldwide hit hard

The markets in Europe, the US and Latin America all fell considerably on Tuesday after the Chinese markets collapsed earlier in the day. Investors fear that the fall in share prices in China could usher in an end to the economic recovery.

Europe surprised at discussion of dual nationality

During her state visit to Turkey, Queen Beatrix could just as easily have shown a British passport, which she is legally entitled to. The monarch is among the one million Dutch who have dual nationality.

Het Financieele Dagblad

AFM investigates Getronics

Market regulator AFM is investigating whether Getronics failed to publish market sensitive information on time. The case is focused on the profit warning issued last year because of "unexpectedly high losses" at an Italian subsidiary.

ABN Amro fires via sms text

ABN Amro dismissed a manager via sms. The court reprimanded the company for the "painful incident."

De Telegraaf

Another female soldier molested

The defence department has been shaken up once again after reports that a female soldier fell victim to a sex offence by a colleague.

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