Morning newspapers – 27 February 2007

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NRC Next, Bank flexible with mortgages

NRC Next

Bank flexible with mortgages

Despite new standards banks are issuing higher mortgages to highly educated starters on the housing market. Prospective homeowners are not supposed to be able to get a mortgage for more than 4.5 times their gross income, on average. But a survey shows that many banks make exceptions.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Parliament concerned about ABN Amro

Parliament is concerned about the attack on ABN Amro by hedge funds. A majority of MPs want to investigate whether measures are necessary to protect strategically crucial sectors from activist shareholders.

Pill index

A new index shows how pharmaceutical giants measure up in their policy on pills for poor countries.

De Telegraaf

Violence flares up among Hell's Angels

A member of the Hell's Angels from Kampen has been killed in an attack. The justice department suspects that the 44-year-old man, a full member of the organisation, was shot down by his own club mates.

Punctuality at Schiphol down in January

The number of passengers passing through Schiphol continues to grow, by 4.3 percent even during the relatively quiet month of January. The punctuality of flights fell by about 8 percent in the first month of this year, partly because of six consecutive days of storm winds.

AD Haagsche Courant

"Parliament is silencing Wilders"

Faction leader Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party (PVV) is being "demonised" and "silenced" by politicians in The Hague, says professor of criminal law Twan Tak of the University of Maastricht.

Turkish school ready for queen's visit

The children at primary school Saban Diri State in Ankara have been getting everything read for the visit of Queen Beatrix. The queen starts a four-day state visit to Turkey today.


Serbia cleared of genocide

The International Court in The Hague ruled on Monday that Serbia was not responsible for genocide during the war in Bosnia. The country should have done more to prevent the mass killings at Srebrenica however.

Insurers investigate expensive attorneys

Lawyers are asking more and more money for legal assistance, say insurance companies. Their hourly fee is sometimes even higher than that of some doctors.

De Volkskrant

Serbia should have prevented "Srebrenica"

The International Court in The Hague ruled on Monday that Serbia was not directly responsible for genocide in Bosnia during the war from 1992 to 1995. Serbia is relieved at the decision. The Muslim part of Bosnia is disappointed.

Nederlands Dagblad

Former asylum seekers unnecessarily at risk

Former asylum seekers are still put unnecessarily at risk when they are presented to delegations from their countries of origin. The National Ombudsman concluded this in a report that appears today.

Dagblad De Pers

The Netherlands is cleaner than you think

There has been a lot of progress in terms of the environment over the past decades. Although pessimists would have us believe otherwise, the water and air have become cleaner, we separate our waste to a large degree and animal species that were previously endangered are no longer under threat.

Rumours of Endemol takeover

Rumours about the sale of Endemol continue to grow. One thing is certain, the company will not be going cheap.

Limburgs Dagblad

Imminent wave of dismissals in home care

Trade unions CNV Public Affairs, Abvakabo FNV and NU'91 fear that many thousands of certified home care workers will lose their jobs. The professional workers are in danger of suffering from the new Social Support Act because they are seen as "too expensive and inflexible." Various home care institutions in Limburg share the concerns of the trade unions.

Snowworld plans listing on stock market

The indoor ski facility, with locations in Landgraaf and Zoetermeer at the moment, has ambitious plans for expansion. It needs extra money for these plans however. The company hopes to raise between 50 and 75 million euro by bringing out shares.

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